a girl who stands a more than good chance of being "the one", and if not, is similar to this undefined ideal.
Andre 3000: "I hope that you're the one/If not/You are the prototype"
by Aesop Rock January 16, 2004
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Upcoming game for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Release for June-July '09.
You play as a shape-shifter with no knowledge of your past and must fight your way through New York City to recover your previous life.

The game is open-worlded, like GTA IV, Assasin's Creed and Halo 3: ODST all roled into one.
Guy 1: So yeah, we good to go on Saturday?
Guy 2: Have you heard about Prototype? It looks so damn awesome!
Guy 1: OMFG Yeah! *orgasm*
by Spartan-201 May 13, 2009
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Something which at it's current stage has been screwed up by developers and cannot yet be used by the general public
Holden Engineer: This car isn't safe.. I'm calling it a prototype.
by Santa(Ace) July 6, 2005
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1.) someone who is a pimp, manwhore, or ladies man
2.) coolest person at the party
3.) cool, flashy, extreme, awesome
4.) person you saw on findapix
5.) someone who is very elite at counter-strike
1.) Dude, that's prototype!
2.) Dude, is that prototype?
3.) Dude, that's prototype.
4.) Dude, is that prototype from findapix?
5.) Dude, that's oc-prototype | zN
by prototype January 22, 2004
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initial. rough. starting. first. beginning.
Here is the prototypical drawing for the animation. Please could you make some more detailed sketches.
by hasslejp May 19, 2006
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A male who's beyond alpha... A prototype has the capacity to bend reality in his own ways, especially in regards to getting chicks. The opposite of a prototype male would be a final release male, which is much worse than a beta male.
A: "Damn, C is such a prototype. He banged two chicks at the same time!"
B: "Yeah man, I wish I was like him."
by johnflop January 9, 2021
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