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Spoken when you did something that you wanted to do, and everyone else just wasn't smart, or dumb, enough to do it.
Why did I just punch you in the face? Because I do what I want.
by AngryPOPTART January 12, 2011
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by garv November 10, 2003
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To do what you want, with the aim to have fun while sometimes diregarding others.
The guy screamed, "Idowhatiwant" after he slaps a girls ass.
by Devon Parsons January 18, 2008
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A sentence said quick enough that you are not understood in order to ensure that u get what you want from others
Sally wants Jimmy to take her shopping, after Jimmy 's repeated hesitation Sally proclaims "idowhatiwant," in jimmy's sudden confusion he agreed, therefore. Sally does what she wants
by rockstar nicole April 09, 2016
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