someone asks you to do something that you dont wanna do suck my.......
your friend: can i have a fag? You: "suck my left one" or alternatively "lick me left lip"
by Craig Anthony June 7, 2007
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The ball that is always hit and hurts like a bitch, generally happens in sports.
****! Its always the left one!
by Guywhosebored July 19, 2011
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When you fart in your car before you get out on a hot day with the windows up. Then when you return to the it has been "cooking" until you got back.
"When I went out for lunch I had forgot that I had left one cooking since the morning and the smell damn near killed me!"
by 1Steve1027 January 14, 2009
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A term used when someone goes on a long rant about a totally pointless or super-intelligent subject that no one cares about/understands.
Guy 1 - And Thats the theory for quantum physics.
Guy 2 - And if the left one is bigger...?
by TalcumPower November 4, 2011
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An alternative to Bite my banger. Giving an individual the choice of which testicle to lick.
Friend 1 - Hey, I heard you copped off with a right minger the other night?

Friend 2 - Why don't you Lick my left one?
by blurtworth January 5, 2011
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after someone says something you didn't want to hear, or does something that pisses you off, say "suck my left one." of course for a guy its his left berry, for a girl, if anyone gets confused say, "nah ma, not testicles, my left BOOB!"
Amanda: "dude, you look mad dumb."
Sam: "Suck my left one!"
Amanda: "Huh?"
Sam: "Nah ma, not testicles, my left BOOB!"
by mandabee January 17, 2007
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