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A series of games which took the Internet by storm, created by Sean Mcgee, also creator of Diseased Productions. It allows players to cuztomize their charecters. It has increasingly hard diffuclty with each game. The charecters do not have limbs much like the Madness series but the artistic quality is much better. Each game has hundreds of guns and many enemies to fight.

The story centers around a "bio-weapon" who has escaped from his creators at Systems Corps. System Corps unleashes their strongest weapons, Poseidon Zeus Hades, to hunt down and kill the rouge experiment. Along with many of their employees who are oblivious of who they are killing.

The first game is when your charecter escapes and fights Poseidon. The second is basically you getting as far away from System Corps as possible and encourtering Zeus. The third game is mainly about you getting lured into a trap by a fellow Bio Weapon. Ending with you fighting the prototype of Hades. Thing Thing 4 has not be given a release date yet but it is highly anticipated.

The Thing Thing series differneces from madness are:
1. It is more original and has a higher quality of graphics.
2. The main charecter can be named to your liking.
3. The main charecter has never died unlike the Madness protagnist who died several times.

The series contains two other games called Thing Thing Arena and Thing Thing arena two. Which are mainly survival gamesin which you can post your scores onto a world wide leader board.
Man 1 "Thing Thing is much more original than Madness"
Man 2 "But it still got less hits!"
by Zades August 22, 2007
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