Misspelled version of Zeus. Spelling Zeus like this will likely make you fail any mythology unit in any class during secondary school.
Teacher: Spell Zeus
Student: Z - U - E - S. Zues
Teacher: You failed the class. I'm sorry.
by Someone that you won't see September 21, 2013
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The brother of Zeus, the god of all gods.
by wowman9678553 July 20, 2010
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hes my dog hes 8 months old hes sweet
hes zues
by ryleeisnotcute November 16, 2020
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A sex position in which the couple is positioned at the top of a set of stairs. During intercourse, the male removes his penis and lights it on fire before re-inserting. Once this is done he then proceeds to ride his partner down the set of stairs while screaming the name of the position.
"Did you hear Carly got Flaming Zuesed yesterday?"

"Yeah she broke her spine."
by spega May 3, 2011
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Pack a Punched Thunder Gun. It appeared in black ops 1 and only black ops 1 it has infinite damage (no sereously look it up) but ammo is scarce due to being a pack a punched box weapon can save games and get you to round 100
P1: I'm gonna turn the power on
P2: Good I need to pack a puch my thunder gun
P1: The zues cannon will really help us on high rounds
by Puppetlad November 2, 2020
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It’s a term used in Burmese Politics in Myanmar. As long as a certain group of people is seating in the parliament, you are told that the only option you have is to vote for NLD which will be getting rid of them sooner or later. But they had already spoken out publicly that those unelected 25% people which is provided with seats in parliament according to the unjust constitution they said, are too crucial in this politics to be disposed and reconciliation with military faction is politically suggested method to avoid bloodshed as little as possible, which on the other hand neglects all the social class struggles and identity politics in the country.
Saw Maung : Hey Pineapple Bikini, I dont think I will be voting as long as the constitution is not amended.

Pineapple Bikini : Why do you say so ?

Saw Maung : Dude, we are facing May Zues Paradox.
by Pineapple Bikini 🍍 January 8, 2021
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A dumbass internet meme that revolves around a clip from Disney’s Hercules where those weird ladies on the pottery say “AND THEN ALONG CAME ZUES” right before showing a clip of lightning fucking evaporating something random. Usually loud a hell.
*gas tank explodes after being struck by lightning*
by SansAUNerd May 6, 2023