when you buy a weed sack, and they dont give you the right amount of weed
that fucked skimped me i paid for a 20 and he gave me a 10 what a bitch
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
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to give smaller than the correct amount
fuckin bitch skimped me on that 8th, shit only weights 2.9 on the digi
by 187 October 27, 2003
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To give less than is expected.
The cafeteria skimps out and gives me a lame spork.
by Dusty April 12, 2005
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In weed terms (could apply to any drug, though), when you pay for a certain amount of product and get less than what you payed for. Or, in my case, when you give someone money to bring you back some bud and they never bring you back any at all, and say they "forgot it". Moral of the story is, kids, never front money.
I gave Malik twenty dollars for a gram of dank in English class and the next day he dropped out of school. I got skimped.
by Captainhurpdurp December 2, 2011
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when a amateur, hood rat weed dealer is broke and gives you less then what you paid for or runs off with your money.
by ytsanbes September 29, 2017
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A slightly crazed punk chick in the southeast of England.
by DJ2k8 August 6, 2008
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