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Abbreviation for “Anal Commando;” A title given to a person (typically a male) in an authoritative position who abuses his (or her) power. Said person is typically overzealous and uptight (anal).
Principal McVicker is a real Anal Commando! He has a huge bug up his ass.

The AC gave me another detention in class today.

AC Rimmerman is a real cunt-- he nailed me with another fine today.
by Vaughn Rosenbloom February 27, 2006
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Raping a chick and then denying it or blaming it on someone else.
Dude I totally raped that chick, but then I pulled the ac and blamed Benjamin for it!
by Chase N. Cox April 17, 2008
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An incompetent Air force band member who bumbles through his extravagantly banal life trying to impress people who clearly don’t want his attention.
"The AC tried to impress me but he's just a good for nothing AC."
by Ollie August 24, 2003
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