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someone who is really close to you.
someone you can relate to.
someone that you can easily talk to.
someone who listens.
someone who really care for you.
someone who share the same interests.

by MYKE BEZZY March 10, 2010
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Exclamation that expresses something as being exceedingly good.
My boss is quitting and I'm finally getting that raise.

by Josh October 11, 2003
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Asexual to any degree. Using "ace" for "asexual" gained popularity on AVEN ( and has inspired the use of the spade as a symbol of the asexual community.
1."Are you gay?"
"No, just ace."

2. "I'm an active member of the ace community."

3. "Something about purple cake makes me feel very ace..."
by Cheerio_Koroke December 24, 2008
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ACE - a word to describe/call a person who you like. They usually carry themselves with confidence and cockyness.
Just like in a card game you always want the ACE, in life you always want the ACE. They know you before you let them and you share the same values.

In an ideal world you would be perfect for eachother. however due to the nature of the game you only get the card your delt, which leaves you wondering how it would have played if you just got that ACE.
"mmmh I wish he was my ACE"
"hey ACE"
by wonder lust November 16, 2011
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the most littest and turnt squad you will ever meet. the aces girls are the most beautiful human beings you will ever encounter and they are models. only one of them has a boyfriend tho so hit them up ;) do it for josh ladies! may 27 2019
wow did you see those aces girls?

yea they’re soooooo awesome😎

#doitforjosh #larry
by angles bubble tea May 27, 2019
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