abbreviation for 'something'.
When chatting with someone,this and many other abbreviations -such as btw(by the way),srsly(seriously),ty(thank you),brb(be right back),j/k(just kidding),etc...- may help your conversation preceed faster!
A:'btw,is there smth I can do 4 u?'
B:'Oh,ty!would u lend me 10000$?'
by °araik° February 11, 2008
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Smth, an internet contraction for the word something.
I'm going to sleep or smth.

I've got to do smth about my b0x
by Demios March 22, 2004
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Acronym for Shake My Tinfoil Hat, to be used as an alternative for SMH (Shake My Head) for conspiracy theorists.
Person A: You don’t actually believe that birds are real do you?

Person B: Of course they are!

Person A: SMTH
by Birdsarentreal June 23, 2019
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