Refering to holding the trump card of all, not caring for anything lesser
I don't share your greed, the only card i need is the ace of spades- motorhead
by Gumba Gumba February 20, 2004
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1.A card which, as the legend has it, was being left by the American troops during the Vietnam war on dead bodies of those whom they had killed. They were also used to scare away Viet Congs soldiers without firefight since the latter believed a spade, according to the Vietnamese tradition, to be a herald of death and ill-fortune. In Coppola's 'Apocalypse Now' one of the American soldiers (presumably played by Robert Duvall) throws such a card onto the lifeless body of some Vietnamese.

2. A great song by Mr. Lemmy Kilmister and co. Often a background song for Tony Hawk's stunts.

3. The highest card in the deck as it is commonly believed.

Ad.1. As the lieutanant produced a deck of cards consisting of ace of spades solely, Viet Cong soldiers dropped their guns and started retreating in a frantic manner.

Ad.2. Whenever I'm huffy I play 'Ace of Spades' by Motörhead.

Ad.3 She was sure to win, having ace of spades.
by necrotism June 5, 2006
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nickname for the Champagne brand Armand de Brignac, which comes in a gold bottle with an Ace of Spades-shaped label
"H-O-V-A, gold bottles of that Ace of Spades..."
by filla April 10, 2007
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a dump which requires only a one sheet wipe afterwards
gary was pleased that his abstaining from curry and beans had led to an increase in frequency of the hallowed 'ace of spades', thereby saving him enough money on toilet paper to buy a hummer.
by me old fruity December 20, 2006
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UK regional slang for the pubic region, usually referring to the vulva in particular and more specifically a woman's pubic mound with untrimmed, usually dark-coloured, pubic hair -- aka bush, muff or pubes (now you know what Lemmy was really going on about in that famous Motorhead song!).

May also occasionally be used more loosely in refernce to the comparable anatomy on men as well.
She whipped her knickers off and dealt me her Ace of Spades.

She's got some Ace of Spades goin' on; she don't shave or trim or nothin'!

My gal don't like my Ace of Spades, wants me to trim the shrubbery back a bit.

I wonder if Ginger Spice has a red Ace of Spades to match, or if she's just a bottle red?
by Monseignore Laszlo August 17, 2007
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An Exclamation of approval towards an action or occurance. Genrally said with an enthusiastic tone of voice.
Jenny- "I jus got a free drink."
N*tty- "Oh Thats ace of spades that is!"
by Pyargs January 16, 2005
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