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Sergio is the word for a tall, handsome guy who cares about his friends and family. He is usually working out and eating healthy. Everything around a Sergio is great. Sergios are good people to trust on.
A: Look at that Sergio!
B: yeah! I wish he would talk to me, he is the BEST!
by NenaB February 11, 2009
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A good guy, who's always happy, trustworthy, and a great friend. He's chill as fuck, and will almost always see him smiling. Great person to have in your life.
Look at Sergio, he's such a good person. We should get to know him.
by NoPseudonymHere June 25, 2011
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one who is DTF and is ahmazing in bedd and a popualr sexy man. everyone wants him!! and needs him!!!!
guy:hey its sergio!! why is he so popular??

guy2: i want to smurgie him
by jaqulyn1234 August 13, 2011
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Basically a guy with a Huge dick, a big fat dick. He's the best at everything.

He loves helping people and is always the one who takes the first step. Just don't make him mad because he turns into satan.

He is very honest and very sincere, if you ever date a Sergio. You won't regret it.
I wish I was a Sergio

Damn, I wish I could become a Sergio
by Therealshitrealstuff January 11, 2017
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A young man that rather draw than listen to a boring lecture. A Sergio is quiet and reserved, but has many talents. Sometimes hard to approach, yet in reality have very big hearts when it comes to their family members. Sergio's, have old wounds that take long periods of time to heal. They also seem to be very religious.
Girl: Sergio is so quiet...
Boy: That may be true, but have you seen him draw?
Girl: I have and he has a lot of talent.
Boy: Just wish he'd open up more...
by Rosaliine February 02, 2012
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A Sergio is usually a bright and handsome young man. Very reserved and quiet but is very sincere in everything he does. They are the sweetest and most tender hearted people you will meet. When a Sergio warms up to you, he will be able to tell you anything and is very trustworthy himself. He will always be caught smiling or working hard. His only flaw is that he is usually kind of antisocial but makes up for it with his warm and intelligent personality. If you ever meet someone named Sergio, hold on to them tight.
Sergio is always smiling. I want to get to know him better! He is so nice!
by ilikewordsverymuch January 28, 2017
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A Male who is extremely stylish, well groomed, has a serious take on fashion. Could also be very social, maintains a huge ego and will not hesitate to debate anyone on any subject. EX: Sergio Rossi, Kanye West, Ari Gold, Don Draper
Man: You read the Times huh? You read the New Republic?
Person: Uhh, I’ve heard of it.
Man: Well I was reading that, and it’s interesting ’cause what is says is that you don’t know what the f*ck you’re talking about.

Woman: I want a raise!
Man: Your good, get better and stop asking for things.

A: Let me ask you something, what do woman want?
B: Who cares?
by SirEgo February 03, 2010
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