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With two penises, usually arranged side-by-side, each supplied protein shake by one testicle. Inconvenient for everything other than threesomes, for which diphernal people are perfectly suited.
Ben's diphernal, but he's two ugly to get two bitches
by Ollie April 13, 2005
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Extension to the ubiquitous 'your mum' reposte.

Far more effective than it's primitive cousin, with no superior. The added dimension means that any further insult will sound unwitty.
"You fucking stink"
"Your mum fucking stinks"
"Your mum's yeast infection fucking stinks"

"I fucked your mum last night"
"I fucked your mum's yeast infection last night"
by Ollie December 29, 2005
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An increasingly common Spanglish term used in jest to label someone as a the illegitimate offspring of a slag and manwhore
Carlos, el bastidio!
by Ollie April 13, 2005
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Eminem's common interlude to a hit, or a rapper's greeting
"Guess whos back, back again, shady's back, tell a friend."Eminem (without me)
by Ollie March 5, 2005
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haha that julie bitch was bragging about kicking some one in the nuts till his busted her lip haha now that funny
by Ollie March 1, 2005
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"What did you have for breakfast Ollie?"
"I had wheatabix!"
"Who else here likes wheatabix?"
"Well Teb sure does love to get bixed"
by Ollie December 29, 2005
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an ungroomed pubic region. see also bush, etc.
I got the hell outta there when I found out about her france in the pants!
by Ollie October 23, 2004
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