Pathology is the scientific study of disease and its causes, processes, development, and consequences.
by Lon August 7, 2005
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Often pathological parenting is used within alienating a child from a parent out of spite and tactically using the child to affect a parents contact or relationship when divorce or separation is a issue to a parent unable to separate the relationship with their children from their relationship with the mother or father on the receiving end of the vengeance carried out. Sadly it is bad parenting and often abusive behaviour to use a child in this way as it affects them often more than the target parent they are trying to get back at . It too often goes unrecognised even by mental health workers and the like avoiding it being a court issue which tend to play it down and if recognised for the true affect it has courts dont take it into consideration that is relevant to the case outcome or seen for the seriousness it should be for the damning emotional impact on their very own children
Pathalogical is a term used in psychology to determine a mindset or mentality that is often associated with psychopaths and narcassists and is detrimental to others and in extremities is abusive and destructive . Pathological liars are seen as unable to control their constant need to lie.
by Sxc Sel January 14, 2019
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You describe a person or their behaviour as pathological when they behave in an extreme and unacceptable way, and have very powerful feelings which they cannot control.
A) Ex.: She experiences chronic, almost pathological jealousy. Her husband can't stand that anymore.

B) Brandon can't deal with anger without breaking everything around. I guess he has some sort of pathological anger.
by Lousica May 4, 2014
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Noun. Refers to a pathological condition where one sits all day at the computer coining new terms for Urban Dictionary.

Formed from the words pathological and neologism.
James doesn't get out much any more and just spends all his time making up silly words. I think he is suffering from pathologism.
by jmonkey August 10, 2005
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It’s someone who lies so much that it’s just a part of their life now. They usually starts at a young age and then it snowballs into their teenage and adult years. It sometimes isn’t even about big things. They’ll lie about anything just because they feel like it. Also when people expose them for being a liar the either lie more to get out of it or get extremely defensive.
Briana: Gavin is a Pathological Liar!
Me: What’s that?
Briana: It’s someone who lies so much that it’s just a part of their life now.
Me: Ok so why do you say that?
Briana: He always says he has so many girls but when I ask him about it he can’t think of anything.

Me: Have you tried just asking him about it?
Briana: I tried but he just gets all defensive!
by HeBigLiar March 30, 2018
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Someone who always presents himself as an expert on any current topic of conversation, regardless of his actual background knowledge (often being able to maintain such a conversation for an impressive amount of time)
He really doesn't know anything about horses, he's just a bit of a pathological expert.
by Brown Chair May 27, 2009
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The Pathological TMIer has the tendency to blurt out far too much personal information that would have been better left unsaid. Similar to a Pathological Liar, they can't seem to keep the information inside, no matter how ridiculous or embarrassing it may sound to others. They have no shame regarding their blatant use of TMI (Too Much Information). On the other hand, the Pathological TMIer ALWAYS tells the truth, even in cases where a lie would most likely be better for their reputation.
"Last night I had a wet dream involving SeaBiscuit."
-Pathological TMIer

"Your Father and I went skinny dipping in the moonlight. There were three full moons."
-Pathological TMIer

"I named my aborted twin fetuses Winnie and Pooh."
-Pathological TMIer

"Just so you know, Yeast Infections taste pretty good!"
-Pathological TMIer
by Amyzing69 August 5, 2009
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