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(v.) To not wear underwear. The origins for this are either "out in the open" or "ready for action". Maybe others.

(n.) A non-stop arnie movie with him jumping from an aeroplance, overturning a porsche, and killing entire armies without a scratch. Far from his best (terminator series, predator and jingle all the way), but better than that cold heat one.
I'm going commando-be afraid- I may bugger you

Ahm gooweeng co-MANDU, be Afreed, I may kill your ahmies.
by Gumba Gumba May 24, 2004
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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My friends and I are overconfident, thus we always go commando. Jimmy? No, he's just weird.
by wysiwyg February 18, 2004
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Free-balling!! or not wearing undergarments
When going on a date that you know you're going to get some, it is best to go COMMANDO to save yourself the trouble of taking off your interior clothing
by Memo August 09, 2004
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Quite possibly the funniest not-meant-to-be-funny-movie ever, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Things he does in this movie include:
-Rips a huge metal pole off a wall and hurls it at main antagonist, striking him in chest and impaling him
-Dual wields M-60's with near infallible accuracy.
-Kills half a dozen people with a single grenade that explodes on impact
-Jumps off a plane from like 300 feet in the air and lands completely unharmed
-Chops off some dude's arm with an axe
-Hurls a buzz saw at some dude and slices his head in half
-Manages not to get hit by 2000+ bullets fired at him in a period of 3 min., without any cover or attempts to dodge
-Fires a rocket launcher(with 4 rockets in it)at a vehicle and blows it up, turns around and fires at another vehicle and blows it up, then blows up a couple more buildings with it, drops rocket launcher, and walks away casually.
-You get the idea.
I just watched Commando and laughed so hard I shat my pants.
by Johnny Mendez February 28, 2005
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To go without wearing underwear. As a long-standing tradition, some theater Benetians will go without underwear on closing night of a performance, going "commando".
"Are you going commando?"
"In this rented costume? No way!"
by K16 May 02, 2006
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An Arnold Schwarzenegger film that is possibly one of the best movies in the world. In this movie Arnold shows us his take-no-shit mentality and that he can take on hundreds of people with no problem at all. This movie ranks up there with Conan The Barbarian and Kindergarten Cop as one of the greatest films of the past millennium. It is a requirement to see this movie.
While watching Commando, Bill reaches the part in the movie where Arnold fights the man in the motel room....

Black Man: Fuck you, asshole! (throws a weak punch that does not faze Arnold, and he turns his head to the man)

Arnold: No, Fuck you asshole! (Throws a punch that sends the man flying through a doorway and ends with him impaling himself on a sharp object)...

Bill: This movie is fucking awesome!
by celtic warrior June 20, 2009
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