Romantic attraction is difficult to define, as it is made up of many components. The two most distinguishable components are (1) limerance, aka obsessive thoughts about wanting to be near one's crush, to find out their interests, having a "butterflies in stomach" feeling, etc., and (2) a desire to form a romantic relationship, aka wanting to be another's girlfriend/boyfriend/partner, to go on dates and do other romantic-coded activities (e.g. kissing, although not everyone sees kissing as romantic, celebrating Valentine's Day), etc.

For alloromantic people, limerance often leads to a desire to form a romantic relationship, but someone who identifies as grayromantic may experience one without experiencing the other. An aromantic person does not experience romantic attraction. A quoiromantic person may feel that the concept of romantic attraction is inapplicable, or they may not be able to distinguish romantic attraction from other forms of attraction.
Mary identifies as grayromantic because she rarely experiences romantic attraction.
by kernsing August 3, 2018
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