authority in action, not to mention actually spelled right.
Authoritative is without a doubt too big of a word for you to know how to use.
by Not your Ness March 7, 2007
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This word comes from the word "authority" and basically is a possessive adjective. (Sorry if that doesn't make sense.)
George was disobeying authoritic commands, and therefore was shunned by his community.
by Meady50 January 22, 2020
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When you wear shoes with heals that make you extra tall. You aquire the power of authority over your peers, co-workers and even boss (b/c you tower over them).
If you don't get back to doing emails you WILL be authoritized so help me!!
by Raejoy November 9, 2009
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To provide authority to a matter or situation.
Cameron used examples from the United States constitutions to authoritate his position.
by Defintions By Sparks February 26, 2018
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A word that Willis put on his paper that isn't really real.
"Hey wow, I put 'authoritive' on my English paper and Mr. Gately thought it was real."
by Krys October 2, 2003
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When one authoritizes they are using brute force to set that man straight. If he’s acting up, authoritize him. Being gay? Get fucking authorized bitch. But if he’s actually gay then it’s ok because this is a fucking free country so DO NOT fkn judge. Butttttt...... at the same time don’t be afraid to set a gay imposter straight.
Friend 1: Bob won’t stop sucking my dick and I know he’s not gay what should I do?

Friend 2: Bro I think you might have to authoritize that man
by Ritchie Bitchie August 25, 2018
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When the media or other gatekeepers of acceptable discourse want to discredit an idea or an individual, without themselves making any negative or critical comments directly, they find a morally detestable character to endorse the person or idea, thus manufacturing guilt by association with a person they would otherwise never consult, or give credence to their opinion. That poisonous proxy is known as an "Authoritative Duke", after David Duke, a man who would never be part of a mainstream political discussion except to be a tool to ritually contaminate an enemy of the media. David Duke, being quite powerless on his own, is a willing participant in the charade, because it conveys a false sense of authority on him whereas otherwise he is an untouchable.
"The new outrage is ready for us to amplify, but I'm afraid most people won't be outraged. If we reporters speak out against it, then it will show our bias too strongly. We need an Authoritative Duke so people know what side of the issue good people are supposed to be on," opined Reporter One.
"So, call Richard Spencer back on?" queried Reporter Two.
"Yes, exactly, he'll be thrilled," resolved Reporter One.
by 8mmDevil October 13, 2019
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