Let's all go there!
And have ourselves a snack!
by So bored June 9, 2004
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The legal form of bribing the government
Comcast is lobbying congress to maintain their monopolistic stranglehold on the market without restriction. How is this allowed?
by Civita March 6, 2015
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A place to shake nyash for cash, make friends and cause problems
Person A: I'm going on lobby to see some big batty gyal shaking bunds
Person B: She better be leng styll
by councilestatebaddie July 29, 2022
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The Definition of Lobbi:
Loving, charming, sexy.
It's a word, what you say to someone, if you really like him/her, and you don't wanna lose him/her.
Or when you apologize to somebody.
I gotta go! Lobbi <3
I'm so sorry, Lobbi <3
by Batspinda January 7, 2012
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Bro, I am starving...

Let's get some lobbies and beer at The Palm

by B. Hanback May 16, 2008
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1. v. i. To pay politicians under the table to get them to be more agreeable to your employer's point of view, be it for or against something.
2. n. A particular group of people who engage in lobbying, e.g. the gun lobby. see also lobbyist.
I am a lobbyist who lobbies against the lobby lobby.
by fizzle April 16, 2004
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adjective: a guy that always acts like a high dumbass even when he's sober.
dude, randy is so lobby. he cant turn on the tv. what a tool.
by that and this 666 August 8, 2009
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