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Word describing a friend that is a taker and not a giver - someone that never shows up or pays for a tab or helps in any way. Not a true friend.
Thanks for showing at my birthday party marginal...I really appreciate it.

Russ is so marginal - jackass got drunk and missed dinner tonight - what the hell?
by B. Hanback January 14, 2010
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Babe, lock the door...the last thing we need is little Billy walking in while we are matress dancing.

Let's go back to my place for a little matress dancing.
by B. Hanback February 11, 2008
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verb: to squat down in front of an ice slide/luge to do an alcohol shot.
DJ squiced six times at the party on Saturday, that's why he was so hammered
by B. Hanback January 22, 2008
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A dude with a huge head;
a huge head on a small or skinny body
Did you see the stop sign on that guy?

yea, his head was huge!

dude could not put the batting helmet on cuz his stop sign was so big

by B. Hanback April 28, 2008
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A variation of the traditional House Party. Hanging at a strip club until it closes and then inviting all the left over strippers back to your pad to shoot pool, do some toot, and strip.
Let's get a 12-pack and head to Deja-Vu and grab the ho's and have a stripper house party...

Let's grab Tiffany and Chelsea and have a stripper house party...

by B. Hanback January 26, 2008
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Bry had a bag of frozen peas on his sack for 2 days because his wife had him get the snip snip

Babe, puck a condom on....

Look, I did not get the snip snip to wear a sock to fuck
by B. Hanback August 08, 2008
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Term for when you are so hung over and drunk the night before work or school you just say "fuck it" and don't show up.
It's 3 am...we need to head home...

Dude, tomorrow is a snow day for me...I aint going to work...

Lauren was doing shots at 4 am and knew Thursday was going to be a snow day!
by B. Hanback January 17, 2009
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