A person who is interested in basically bribing, without actually doing so, US Congressmen. Go against the principles of the Constitution because it makes the Senators and Representatives represent people other than their constituents. Take away the citizen's voice by making Congressmen more concerned with corporate fatcat profits rather than the good of the people.
"The lobbyist tried to get the Senator to pass the bill by buying him a hooker, but the Senator turned out to be gay, so the bill failed."
by commiebobo March 20, 2009
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A corporate fatcat who is sent to Washington to manipulate politicians with money benefiting their industry
a lobbyist is the single-most disgusting vermin in the US next to the politicians.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com August 13, 2007
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The current economic/political system in the United States in which whoever can pay the best lobbyist can skew (and screw) the laws and economic system to their own benefit.It is an extremely corrupted form of capitalism in which the labor of many benefit the fewest possible.
Occupy Wall Street is actually a show of disatisfaction with the current economic system of lobbyistism.
by wizzbang56 October 12, 2011
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(Noun) The new American Citizen, whose everyday vote (Money) matters more than the vote of the original American Citizen.

(Verb) Screwing someone over with the power of money!
Those lobbyists sure got the win over the majority of American people, when they were able to get the President to retract his proposal on National Healthcare.

Lobbyists...Feeding the rich, while starving the poor!

Democracy, a government ran by the lobbyists for the lobbyists!

Did you see the way Danny lobbied Billy, when trying to get Sally's attention?
by TheLacynator April 11, 2011
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Someone who gives up on helping the average American and sells his/her soul to make way more money. Then justifies it by saying something like “I need to make a living for my family” or some bullshit like that
The boy was raised by a single mother working hard for her children, and then he grew up and was hired as a lobbyist to represent Corporate America to cut all Maternity leave proposals from Congressional bills because money single mothers reduce Corporate American Executive bonuses.
by Shitty_english_teacher November 10, 2021
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A guest who spends more time in the lobby than their room. Usually talking to reception staff about uninteresting facts that no body asked about.
Guest: .... and you got to roll your fingers in a downwards motion. Don't tug at it, alot of people think its a tugging motion because it looks that way, but its not...
Receptionist1: oh .... I see?

half an hour later, the guest has just left the lobby. Receptionist is catching up on paper work with a colleague.

Receptionist2: So what was the hotel lobbyist going on about?
Receptionist1:I think he was teaching me how to milk a cow or something?
by Shaniak June 6, 2010
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A person who calls themselves pro-life, but is really only concerned with life from conception to birth, ignoring said child after it leaves the womb. True pro-life individuals are equally concerned with feeding, clothing, housing, educating and raising the child until it reaches maturity.

Also known as using the power of a corporation to spread your own religious beliefs.
I am tired of listening to you drone on and on about how pro-life you are. Didn't you vote for cuts in education, social services, WIC and comprehesive/inclusive healthcare for women? You've turned into such a negative, Hobby Lobbyist - all you care about is the fetus!
by parkslopeboy@hotmail.com July 8, 2014
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