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v. i. To make a right turn. See bang a right, right turn clyde, hang a left, bang a left, left turn clyde.
Yo, hang a right up ahead there.
by fizzle April 22, 2004
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adj. Bound and determined; cannot be dissuaded by logic or reason.
Al-Qaeda was hell bent on crashing those planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.
by fizzle March 27, 2004
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n. An Al Franken t-shirt
n. There actually is a t-shirt company called "High Cotton" and I have the one that says "c:\dos. c:\dos\run. run\dos\run."
I'm wearing my high cotton today.
by fizzle April 01, 2004
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v. tr. Trucker-speak for opening a channel on Citizen's Band (CB) in order to broadcast.
The trucker keyed the mic and the filth and nonsense began to spew forth.
by fizzle April 11, 2004
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1. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.
2. In a closed system, the potential energy of the state will always be less than that of the initial state.
3. The entropy of all pure perfect crystals is zero at absolute zero. (It is, of course, impossible to get to absolute zero.)
1. you can't win
2. you can't break even
3. you can't quit
by fizzle April 02, 2004
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n. 1. when the IRS (bean counters; a legume is a bean) come to your house or place of business early in the morning for an audit.
2. SysOp slang. Overnight or over a weekend, company accountants (bean counters) write off equipment which you wanted to use and take it away. Accountants and Computer Operators are historically at odds with one another. see BOFH
It was a veritable leguminous dawn-raid!
by fizzle April 02, 2004
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