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n. Indicates that a car has a four-speed transmission, where the shifter is "on the floor" rather than on the steering column.
That old camaro had a 454 with four on the floor.
by fizzle April 13, 2004
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n. A larger challenge than a double-dare. This is the first counter to the double-dare. Some people have forgotten that this exists and think that the triple-dog-dare is the only one after a double-dare. This is the one you go for when you've been double-dared and you want to play it safe. If you want to be agressive and go for the throat, you go directly to the triple-dog-dare.
I triple-dare ya!
by fizzle April 2, 2004
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n. Disabled List. From sports lingo.
Jason Giambi is on the DL after Steinbrenner kicked his ASS for getting off the 'roids.
by fizzle April 2, 2004
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In basketball, the shot where one player throws the ball up toward the rack, usually to one side, and another player grabs it in mid-air and performs a slam dunk.
Kobe and Shaq did an alleyoop.
by fizzle April 11, 2004
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road rage slang. what you yell when someone is going slow when you want to go faster. Meant to inform them that the gas pedal is on the right, so that they may feel free to use it at any time. Use it only if you are quite certain that their gas pedal is actually on the right.
Yo dump truck/cement mixer/old lady in buick, it's on the right!
by fizzle April 5, 2004
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Carlos Santana isn't just an axe man, he's an axe murderer!
by fizzle December 20, 2005
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