A relatively bad ass and easy dance to do (based on the 80's movie Weekend at Bernies) where all you do is lean back, put your head up ("like you gettin a nosebleed") and wiggle your arms around
"man did you know theres a new dance called the bernie?"
"yes! and its bad ass."
by ItsJakeYo August 20, 2011
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To have one's actions be controlled by another individual(s) due to inebriation, cognitive impairment or death all whilst maintaining the outward pretence of autonomy.

Derivation: From the film 'Weekend At Bernie's' where the titular protagonist was puppeteered through a number of jolly japes whilst being deceased.
Joe was so drunk that he needed to be Bernied all the way home.

Joe was so senile that we Bernied him all the way through his presidency.
by Gravitas Lost May 6, 2023
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The Class A Designer Drug Ecstasy
Derived from Bernie Ecclestone, president and CEO of Formula One
Ecstasy > Eccies > Ecclestones > Bernies
"You on the Bernies tonight?"

"Is Bernie coming out the night?"
by henrytheeighth December 16, 2013
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A very rebellious guy, only makes his own time with music, once he's comfortable with someone he loves he'll show his real self he may seem act rude but deep down he's a really good person just hurt When your with a bernie You have to be faithful and loyal and always be there for him physically when he's struggling, his love is the best kind of love you can ever get, love him show him you care that's all he ever looks for he'll protect you and his love will be real

He's perfect from the outside and inside
No guy like him exists
smart brilliant caring loving hurt rude talented good looking unstoppable Bernie
by Girly2737 September 10, 2019
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Awesome, amazing, likes blanket forts. Can often be seen displaying a dopey smile. If approached, make sure to wear lots of bubble wrap as this creature is prone to biting and gets distracted by the popping. Giggles uncontrollably when tamed and will often giggle harder at it's own giggling. Mood is contagious, resulting in multiple cases of over-active hyper behaviour. Is also very cute and huggable. Diet includes: Chocolate paddlepops, and more chocolate paddlepops. If creature appears aggressive, throw cats at it; this will calm the creature and leave you with at least 5 seconds to run away. Or play Evanescence.
"That Berni stole my blankets!"
"I wish I was as awesome as a Berni"
"My Berni ate my chocolate paddlepop = "
"If I buy bubble wrap, do you think I should hide it from my Berni?"
by smiles and applejuice January 3, 2010
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Drunk This word derives from the act of being so drunk that you are incapacitated to the point that you are helpless and need assistance from friends in order to move.
The movie Weekend at Bernie's is the prime example of this word. Althogh Bernie Lomax was dead he was still livin it up. He even plugged some broad when he was "Bernied." His action is a perfect example of what does/could/sometimes happen when severely intoxicated
by Richard Ponce December 30, 2005
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Slang for cocaine. Mainly used as code to determine if cocaine will be present at specified future event. Also known to be substituted with 'Joe'.
"Yo, that party you're going to throw tonight? Is Bernie going to be there?"

"Yeah man, Bernie will definitely be there tonight."
by nasendusch July 11, 2008
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