the condition of not being able to be stopped; i.e., threads that grow to be eighty pages long within the span of a few hours. memes that grow and spread like wildfire. usually used in connection with the 1:05 and its loyal perpetuators. can also be used to describe a feeling of bravo.

antonyms: stoppable
1. gmail invites are unstoppable!
2. that thread is totally unstoppable.
3. i'm feeling unstoppable tonight.
by Malloreigh October 25, 2004
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the ultimate in something being kick-ass or sweet. possibly taken from the unstoppable juggernaut of x-men fame.
angelina jolie's lips are unstoppable
by Greg March 13, 2004
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A sex ritual in which one party dons a Denzel Washington mask and huge strap on cock (black if available) and second party lies helplessly. The first party begins at one end of the room (or suite, hallway, floor, etc.), aims the cock, and moves toward the receiving party, slowly at first, but incrementally increasing speed. Receiving party yells, "We're talking about a MISSILE!" A third party, possibly by telephone or CB radio, says, "A cock that size, coming in that fast, will VAPORIZE anything in front of it!" and "It's a missile the size of the Chrysler Building!!" Finally, all parties anticipate an event radius of 20 to 45 miles as reality sets in: the only way to stop that kind of power is to grab it by the tail and gun it in the opposite direction.
Jason: How are you feeling tonight?

Trudy: Unstoppable?
by Denzellian November 15, 2010
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Best fighting technique known to man. Lower your head, so you can headbutt, spin your arms around, kick with one leg, and slowly inch forward with the other. Your opponents will find themselves unable to retaliate, and you will be king.
by Gilder103 January 27, 2006
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The sudden rush of social behavior and morale that overpowers you. Most would say they have had these moments, but they just don't know how to explain it. Moments where nothing you say ever sounds retarded, witty one liners are flying out of your mouth left and right. Some might call this a "buzz" of genuine confidence without the consumption of booze.
"Daryl sure is the life of the party tonight."

"The man is socially unstoppable."
by re4235 September 13, 2012
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Amazing Youtuber Devon Tracey who was kicked off of the platform for posting too many Redpills of the current state of the black community in the United States. Also, he is a left-wing Atheist. Checkmate libtards.
Athiesm is Unstoppable was stopped by YouTube, fear not though, because he is indeed Unstoppable. He will rise again once more from the ashes and become more powerful once more!
by Astrostark1998 July 3, 2020
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