When a shy person is into a guy but can't get the courage to go and talk to them.
Hey angelica look at that guy over there.
Who him?
Yeah him
What about him?
Oh my gosh everytime I look at him he gets my heart racing.
Why not talk to him?
No I can't I feel helpless.
by Noblewolf November 25, 2017
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It's when a person like me has some serious problems, romantically, at least.

aka when you have daddy issues and are always talking about how much you wanna fuck Gee Way.
Alexis: geez, what's up with you and crushing on people 3x your age? He's 42, and you're barely 14!!

Helena: sorry, I guess I'm helpless
by Foxy Like A Badger October 07, 2019
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Someone who can not control being romantic or having romantic thoughts.
Hannah is a helpless romantic
by Shawny G December 09, 2007
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A disease for which the main symptom is never learning how to do simple tasks for yourself. Always asking others to do things for you--especially in the workplace. A carrier of the disease is usually fully dependent on coworkers and the employees below them.
"Hey Susie, I'm going to need you to put postage on this for me. I just never learned how to use the postage machine...I have learned helplessness"

"I've had learned helplessness ever since I got promoted to CEO. Can you copy this double-sided for me? I just can't bring myself to figure it out."
by Angry Rant June 09, 2009
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The condition of somebody that is unable to deal with life, usually found sitting around a neglected apartment with bad hair and bad outfit.
I saw Kenny at our high school reunion, he's still living with his parents and saving up for a camaro ...totally self helpless.
by pixelfairy June 24, 2008
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When a cat is completely helpless.
This may result in him being pushed about at another persons whim.
-Will was a Helpless Cat today.
-Leader completely owned him.
by NOTGIBRAN234 May 24, 2010
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