A titular role is a role in which the character says the title of the movie or play or book.
In the movie Out of Africa, when Robert Redford is teaching Meryl Streep how to drive, and there is all this traffic and this man drives up beside them and says, "Aww boy, Im just so tired of all this traffic, I can't wait until I get out of Africa.


In the movie Starwars, when that Raiders of the Lost Ark guy is teaching Luke how to drive. He's teaching Luke how to drive the thing, and they are in the back messing with the feathers, and this stowe-away walks by and says, "Aww boy, Im just so tired of all these star wars."

The man who says these lines has the title line, and the titular line.
by Andrew Mil November 6, 2006
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A young Keanu Reeves made his stage debut starring as Oliver!'s titular character.

The above is no fact. It is merely written out for example's sake.
by Henry Gibson October 28, 2005
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A predominately male expression derived from their fascination with breasts. Use as a slang term to describe something which is 'cool'.
"Dude! That's just titular!"
"Titular, just titular! It couldn't BE more titular!"
by Wod February 9, 2003
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The titular line (or title line) is a line in a film, book or song which includes the name of the film, book or song.
eg. In the movie "Limitless" starring Bradley Cooper, the protagonist (Eddie Morra) explains the effect that a newfound mystery pill has on his intellect. He says, "a tablet a day, and what I can do with my day was limitless." This is called a titular line.
by WritersBlockNYC November 28, 2015
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The top of Mt. Breastmore, a.k.a. "second base."
Finally, after 30 pick-up lines, the weary explorer arrived at the titular head.
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The act of orally pleasuring the aereolas.
Milk came out as a result of the great titular head she received.
by dirtydude May 1, 2003
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Tits - generally use in a context where “Titular glandscovers up the directness of “tits.” Maybe make a school teacher google titular glands?
Sir, can we learn about titular glands?”
“What are titular glands”
Google it, it’s hard to explain which is why I want to learn about it”
by s.ausage April 3, 2020
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