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An ancient Welsh warrior lauded for his prowess in battle as well as his thirst for Irish whiskey and English maidens, and renowned for clog-dancing on the bodies of his dead enemies while reciting poetry.

Has been adapted in the modern vernacular to mean performing feats of manly strength and/or coordination with style while highly intoxicated (dancing, brawling, etc) and then going on to enjoy the spoils of victory (ex. getting laid for said feats).
Pulled a full ecclestone this weekend; drank eight shots of jameson, beat up a bouncer that tried to stop me from jigging on the bar and then got laid by the cocktail waitress. Charges pending.
by 44stone September 10, 2013
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In racing terms; to be punched hard in the nuts by an old but powerful dwarf.

Usually, said punches in the nuts also incur crippling financial losses.

The term Ecclestone can be used when an old but powerful dwarf inserts his fist into another's anus.
"FOTA meets with raging Ecclestone"

"USF1 on shaky legs after Ecclestone debrief"
by the 'hof May 15, 2010
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To pull an ecclestone is to act in a homosexual way. To act gay by touching and feeling men and talking in a gay manour
That guy just pulled an ecclestone on me.
by LilJOnwhattt June 29, 2005
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a word in german that means bad teacher or teacher that is on some type of drug.
My teacher was an ecclestone
by LilJOnwhattt July 03, 2005
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