The single most enjoyable plastic-based product on this earth.

A sheet of thin plastic filled with air bubbles - thus creating a thing for endless hours of popping fun.
Student: What should I subscribe a patient for depression?

Highly knowledgeable doctor bloke: Bubble wrap, you foolish gimp!
by KORG September 3, 2003
fun little circles of plastic that when you pop, is a great stress relever
pop! pop! pop! pop! pop! pop! pop! pop! pop! pop! bubble wrap is sooo cool!
by foot ball manager ha October 19, 2006
Little bumps on your skin. Bubble wrap can be found on your dick and on your arms when you are cold.
"Dude, I wanna pop my bubble wrap."
by Soiled Undergarment August 19, 2003
A wrapping material made of plastic with small, round pockets of air. By pressing on said air pocket, it will burst creating a pleasant sounding "pop."
I filled my package with bubble wrap so the contents wouldn't break.

"I'm bored. OOH! Bubble wrap! POP POP POP POP"
by Quizzical Thought July 29, 2008
getting high as hell or getting so stoned you cant walk
dude i went bubble wrapping yesterday and woke and don't remember where
by mr. tomahawk December 8, 2010
when some one throws away bubble wrap with out popping the bubbles.
lil jonny: dad what are you doing with the unpopped bubble wrap
Dad:why im throwing it away son.
lil jonny: but that is bubble wrap neglect
by britnayy January 19, 2007
A girl who is so accident-prone that she becomes injured so often that her friends will start joking about wrapping her up in bubble wrap for her own safety. Far too often, it turns out that the "accidents" are the result of domestic abuse.
What do you call the husband of a bubble wrap girl? A man who beats his wife.
by Dale James August 7, 2017