A very rebellious guy, only makes his own time with music, once he's comfortable with someone he loves he'll show his real self he may seem act rude but deep down he's a really good person just hurt When your with a bernie You have to be faithful and loyal and always be there for him physically when he's struggling, his love is the best kind of love you can ever get, love him show him you care that's all he ever looks for he'll protect you and his love will be real

He's perfect from the outside and inside
No guy like him exists
smart brilliant caring loving hurt rude talented good looking unstoppable Bernie
by Girly2737 September 10, 2019
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Slang for cocaine. Mainly used as code to determine if cocaine will be present at specified future event. Also known to be substituted with 'Joe'.
"Yo, that party you're going to throw tonight? Is Bernie going to be there?"

"Yeah man, Bernie will definitely be there tonight."
by nasendusch July 11, 2008
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Sending information late, taking last second to do anything. being lazy, like weekend at bernie`s, only works on his own time with music,.
This guy at work is always pulling a Bernie.. I bernie-ed last night when i was suppost to clean the kitchen when my Mom was on the way home.
by The 0 Jackel 0 August 9, 2013
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A BERNie is a BURNout, a pothead, someone who had a life that was running smoothly till he woke up one day malude
"Check out that Bernie over there"

"Oh that's jay, he used to be cool till he got malude"

"thats a shame"
by d vengeance October 8, 2006
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I think bernies really nice

Yeh I love bernie
by SJR251 January 17, 2009
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A real fat dude who likes hats (lots of hats), has a large moustache, and has an unhealthy obsession with cows and various other farm animals. He is secretly a millionaire, but pretends he's skint just so he can get to the cows. The sneaky swine! Also speaks really quickly, so you don't have a clue what the guy is saying.
"Wassup Bernie?"
"Yeah, so I was chasing cows today. They were annoying me so I just went mad at them. It was good. Shimisha hrrgh syufaert rfyaerfjgyutq tuyefwet gyaaarrr? Know what I mean?"
by big gav June 11, 2008
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A brownie that has been "tampered" with in any kind of way.
Guy 1:I'm hungry, but i donw want that bernie!
by Not DaVe August 28, 2006
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