Usually a response.

Most common definitions.

Won't work, Can't do it, No, Don't think so, Not even, No go. etc etc.

Commonly used in Bay Area slang.
Used as: No, Don't think so

Person: Aye breh you gon come through to the party tonight.
Person: Its bad i think breh.

Used as: No, Not even

Person: Damn nikka you homo for him haha.
Person: *shakes head* its bad breh.
by guntr0n June 21, 2009
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when everything goes wrong. Or maybe just one thing but it feels like its the end of the world. Originated in Flint, MI.
You get pulled over by the police.
Person 1:"Bro I left my license at home."
Person 2: "Man its all bad."
by swaggerthatsfly December 27, 2010
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A girl you just met asks you a question regarding who else you are sleeping because she wants the relationship to be exclusive and is insecure. The question is inappropriate and very uncomfortable. You do not want to tell tell the truth and blow you chances of sleeping with her. You want to make her even more insecure with your answer.
by Richie Pimental April 23, 2008
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when he goes for a pee you enter his room and leave something of personal value. like a friendly message but not 100% traceable.
"hey did you put the nutella jar on my keyboard?"
"so then i come back and im freaking out coz theres a buzzing dildo in my pressure cooker!"

"im sorry i didnt mean to scare you. Its my bad romance ♡"
by Laralotta November 08, 2020
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