Sometimes used in anime and manga, nosebleed means to become sexually excited. It's usually embarrassing and something the character will probably try to cover up. Though it normally is shown happening to male characters, female characters have also been shown having nosebleeds.
It is also a term used by fans, regardless of their type of fandom, to express finding something exciting sexually or hot.
Sailor Venus had a nosebleed just thinking about Yaten Kou in the anime version of Sailor Moon.

He quickly covered his face in an attempt to stop his nosebleed.

Girl 1: Oh my gosh, did you see the latest manga chapter?
Girl 2: Yeah, Ed looked so sexy in the chapter cover, I totally wanted to nosebleed.
by RSForever April 10, 2008
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A less embarassing but more irritating alternative to developing a boner.
by Lover Boy September 16, 2003
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a Filipino street slang that means running out of English words to say , or is in a state of difficulty understanding particularly English language. may sometimes be applicable aside from English like math problems.
I'm going to flunk trigonometry,I went nosebleed during the final exam.

Stop it man, I'm already having a nosebleed. (a comment to someone speaking in rapid fire English.)
by benryanlee November 12, 2011
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what one gets when a male sees a fucking hot female; an instananeous rush of blood to the nose (and also wordpenis) when one is excited by a member of the opposite sex.
The girl was so fucking hot I had a nosebleed.
by ryoko mitake August 27, 2003
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1.) Metaphorically used to describe incredible heights.

2.) Metaphorically used to describe incredible speeds.
1.) They went to the arena and got the nosebleed seats.

2.) This T1 line is nosebleed fast.
by Justin Chase July 8, 2004
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1. putative and profuse nasal bleeding

2, having to do with something in a high location (from the notion that nosebleeds can be caused be high altitudes)
I had a major nosebleed after getting home.
by Light Joker August 1, 2007
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A code red mountain dew, with a shot of five hour energy drink in it.
Dude, im so tired... I'm gonna pound a couple nosebleeds.
by SDMAllnight October 14, 2010
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