A common hangout for hoodlums in Webberville Michigan, durations of sitting at the tree could last all day, and sometimes all night. activities include but not limited to smoking ganja, listening to music on cell phones, bumping to rap in cars, or sitting there waiting for people to drive by that you know.
by Billdwreck July 10, 2011
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The Tree, the large Oak tree in the middle if Midsummer Boulevard of c:mk in Milton Keynes. It was once the original home of the Treebos until they were moved on by the security. A Treebo may only become one if they spend a sufficient amount of time at the tree while in a large group of Treebos.
(Treebo 1) I'm bored, lets go home, go back to the Tree!
(Treebo 2) Yeah!! TO THE TREE!!!
(Treebo 3) -to others inside- Come on! We're going back to the tree!
by Anton "Jingles" Wood April 11, 2008
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The Tree is a spiritual location that lays on the top of a large hill, it overlooks many miles of land and on a clear night many people can see the brough of Doncaster, and its neighbors Rotherham and Sheffield. It is mostly used in the time of summer by smokers and thinkers alike. People are said to experience a strong feeling of spiritual connection when they are there.
by John Lezzin February 1, 2007
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the most wonderful female in the world...
i love my tree tree more than words can describe
by jake December 9, 2003
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A slang for Weed, Pot, Poht, Grass, etc.
Plant a TREE, it's good for the envoronment.
by Henry May 27, 2004
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something that sits in the ground and remains in the same spot for hundreds of years but manages to jump out in front of you on your way home from the pub
oh my GOD, what happened to you?

yeah i know, a tree jumped out in front of me...
by cragget February 28, 2004
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In tennis the term "treeing" refers to the act of hitting every ball as hard as you can, going for winners at inappropriate times, and/or playing in such a way that depicts oneself to be playing without an essence of strategy.
Joe won the match against the one seed, but he was treeing out of his mind.
by T-money Allen May 17, 2009
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