well if carlsberg made rotherham it would be Probably the best town in the world but they dint and its a shit hole
all its famous for is the chuckle brothers
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A large town in south yorkshire. dialect is old english not queens german english once the booming economic place, now spending millions to promote, on the outskirts of sheffield origionally an overspill of rotherham due to the steel trade, the people are mostly friendly but the younger generation as anywhere seem to be going wayward, lots of historical place like chantry bridge once the stop over prison for mary queen of scots before her execution, and conisboro castle built at the times of william the conquerer, envy of sheffield
rotherham has some good historical places but the town shops are fading,
by ArcAngel mike July 27, 2008
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Rotherham is the capital of South Yorkshire, England.
It is by far the best and cleanest of all Cities, Towns and Villages in South Yorkshire. Ruled By Kings Barry & Paul Chuckle many other famous also come from this amazing place incuding the amazing David Seaman (Englands Best ever Goalkeeper & once owner of the worlds best ponytail).
Like everywhere in the world it has its Shitholes like Maltby, Canklow & Rawmarsh, but mostly its amazing.
"To Me, To You...Oh dear, Oh dear"

King's Barry & Paul Chuckle of Rotherham
by Lord Gareth October 1, 2011
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A scrubbery place near sheffield. It is a place where many chavs roam. If you ever get the chance to go to Rotherham, be prepared for boredom.
“Let’s go to Rotherham!”
“What, to join the chav n druggy squad?
by itserinhun March 24, 2019
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Rotherham. A town in south yorkshire. ENGLAND FOR YOU MORONS. Rotherham is a large town. neighboured to barnsley (which is inbred) and sheffield (which is full of puffs). Rotherham is famous for its binge drinking, drug abuse and nutters. It is the best town in the world AND HATES SHEFFIELDERS A.K.A DEE DARS!


by LEGENDDDD December 9, 2008
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A small town in South Yorkshire, or for those who don’t know where that is, ENGLAND. Rotherham is basically the capital of England, a place that can only be described as heaven, it’s streets paved in gold, a place where all worries are forgotten, where it is safe to walk the streets at night. That is Rotherham.
Let’s go to Rotherham shall we? I here it’s the most amazing place in the whole, entire world, let’s cancel our trip to New York, I would rather go there
by Rara da noisy lion February 9, 2019
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Another name for the small ball of shit that follows a much larger turd.
"Best wait till you reach Rotherham before wiping your arse."
by fred_west October 9, 2013
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