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1. Small black hole actually found on the planet Earth itself; however, its gravitational pull only affects those who have previously lived there. Bordered by Williamston on the west and Fowlerville on the east. Best known for its mediocre high school sports teams and the Fool's Gold Saloon (which happens to be the most upkept building in downtown). Formerly held a grocery store, a lumberyard, and two gas stations within a mile of downtown, all of which have succombed to the black hole.

2. Rip in the space/time continuum where the words redneck, farmer, gangster, and emo may all describe a single person.

3. Town where the bad kids from the Fowlerville Public School system go.

Also known as Webbertucky and Webberhole.
1. "Webberville...yeah, we beat them in the football game last week."

2. "What is that!?!?'s a dude. He must be from Webberville."

3. Fowlerville kid 1: "I heard that one guy finally got kicked out of school and moved to Webberville."

Fowlerville kid 2: "It's about time."
by King of the Wild Frontier February 02, 2010
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