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One of the "Greebos" from Milton Keynes, England who has been officially called one by the rest of the group. "The Tree" called "The Motherland" by Jingles is where they originated. After being "moved on" by the security they split into two groups. One moved to the Fountain which is not too far away. Another, smaller group moved to the much closer Escalator and called them selves "The Eskibos". The Treebos now hang out around "The Steps"; the stairway, bus shelter, benches and bike racks between McDonalds and The Point. They may also roam around Milton Keynes Shopping Centre "C:MK" randomly for the hell of it.

The Tree is the large Oak in the middle of Midsummer Place and was once the home to Treebos.
Ryan; "Hey Jingles."
Jingles; "What?"
Ryan; "You're now an official Treebo, how do you feel?!"
Jingles; "Sweeeeeet!"
by Anton "Jingles" Wood December 19, 2007

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The Tree, the large Oak tree in the middle if Midsummer Boulevard of c:mk in Milton Keynes. It was once the original home of the Treebos until they were moved on by the security. A Treebo may only become one if they spend a sufficient amount of time at the tree while in a large group of Treebos.
(Treebo 1) I'm bored, lets go home, go back to the Tree!
(Treebo 2) Yeah!! TO THE TREE!!!
(Treebo 3) -to others inside- Come on! We're going back to the tree!
by Anton "Jingles" Wood April 10, 2008

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