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One of the "Greebos" from Milton Keynes, England who has been officially called one by the rest of the group. "The Tree" called "The Motherland" by Jingles is where they originated. After being "moved on" by the security they split into two groups. One moved to the Fountain which is not too far away. Another, smaller group moved to the much closer Escalator and called them selves "The Eskibos". The Treebos now hang out around "The Steps"; the stairway, bus shelter, benches and bike racks between McDonalds and The Point. They may also roam around Milton Keynes Shopping Centre "C:MK" randomly for the hell of it.

The Tree is the large Oak in the middle of Midsummer Place and was once the home to Treebos.
Ryan; "Hey Jingles."
Jingles; "What?"
Ryan; "You're now an official Treebo, how do you feel?!"
Jingles; "Sweeeeeet!"
by Anton "Jingles" Wood December 19, 2007
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A treebo is nastey creature. Usually in the form of a Greebo or Goth, treebos will meet up everyday at a big tree in Milton Keynes City Centre, England. From here they will smoke no less than 20 cigarettes each, scream for no reason, make friends with Chavs (who will beat them up later), and compare STI's.

In basic terms they are Chavs with a different dress and speech code.
a treebo stole my lighter
by Moggers June 02, 2005
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niether a tree or a boe.. this creature is native to northern NJ. he is Steve from the band Royden... or reffered to as until an albanian man named Sheepay could not pronounce his name...then he became Treebo
Treebo you get boojar or bong a beer Treebo
by John June 24, 2004
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