Code for two people to meet up and fuck
Tiffany : Lets chill Brad
Brad: Ok where at
Tiffany: my house
by CrazyNise😈 June 29, 2015
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The process of inserting a male penis into a female's vagina and not thrusting or moving "let it chill".
Jon let it chill with Nicolle. Therefore, Jon had sex with Nicolle but did not thrust once his penis was entered inside of her.
by the CHILLER May 5, 2007
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One bro is telling another bro about something that was extremely chill. After this, they begin to lax. For non-laxbros, they can reiterate this action through the phrase Bro So Chill Lets Lax without having to whip out their lax sticks.
Bro 1 - "Bro, I did the chillest thing ever."
Bro 2 - "No way bro! What went down?"
Bro 1 - "So I was fucking this chick when her boyfriend walked in and I was like 'shit.' but then he was like, 'Bro, its chill.' and pulled out some Nattys and joined in."
Bro 2 - "Bro So Chill Lets Lax."

They then proceed to pull out their lax sticks and lax.
by I Dont Lax November 10, 2011
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