To do nothing constructive.
To do a completely half-assed job, usually before a deadline that needs to be met.
Sean: "It took me all night to do the fucking English essay man."

Tanner: "Yeah it took me like 20 minutes. It was cake."

Sean: "You mean it was Tannerized."

Tanner: "Fuck you man."
by Hardparty May 21, 2009
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Tanner is the guy anyone can find attractive , mainly because of his unique personality. Hes so sweet, tall, usually found to have brown or blonde hair and has a soft spot with certain people, but he also can get angry and upset easily so watch out. He can be a player at times but he wont if hes with the one he wants
Girl 1: who is that tall brunette guy? hes so nice!
Girl 2: oh him? thats Tanner
by ghostwriter12 July 13, 2018
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Tannerism is a religion based on a set of core principles: the mini-dab, poorly formed puns, expert puns, and the Most Holy student teacher in existence. His state of holiness was discovered when one of his students realized a correlation between him and Jesus Christ: they both were present in the Beginning, both came back to teach us important concepts, and both shall come back some day. In Tannerism, there is a holy trinity that consists of A Man Named Zucc, Tanner, and the Amazon Box Man. Since it was formed recently (March 14, 2019), there is not much information currently in the public domain.

(Separate from the Anti-Mormon institution. One of the newly created rules of Tannerism states that all should respect Mormons, and never eat them or their books.)
Oh, yeah, he's recently Converted to Tannerism; that's why he told you the mini-dab is back in style.
by AYCRGB March 15, 2019
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A Tanner is a man of great magnitude, comparable to the gods themselves. He never ceases to amazing those around him. If there was a book written about his life, it would be split into two sections; before you read his book and after, it’s that life changing. If that book were to go to audio tape, Morgan Freeman would be required to be the narrator. On a scale of one to ten, he is easily a certified twenty. P Diddy wakes up feeling like him. I assure you he is extremely better looking than Mick Jagger, yet he never gets kicked to the curb. Oh, and his moves are far more superior. He has to keep a fence around his house at all times, because no matter what he is making in the kitchen, people all around try to get in his yard, and trust me, it is better than yours. He has a ranch full of baby panda bears, ligers, and humpback whales that he is teaching to perform Hamlet. His intelligence surpasses that of Socrates, Einstein, and Steven Hawking combined. His writing is as elegant as Shakespeare, but as pleasing as Dr. Seuss. If given the choice between eternal happiness and a Krispy Kreme doughnut, he’d take the doughnut because it’s something he doesn’t already have. If his life were a movie, Spielberg, Bay, and Lucas would all direct it. He is often called Superman. Not because he is super humanly strong (though he is very strong) or can fly, but because Kryptonite is his only weakness. If there were one word to describe Tanner, it would be ‘Scrumtrulescent’.
by IhavemetGod December 07, 2011
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Very intelligent, smart, cute and full of positive thoughts! Sometimes stubborn but always keeps a smile on your face
Anyone who gets to know a tanner will fall in love with his image and personality.
by Mac.... February 21, 2015
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he's the shit. he's the best friend that everyone should have. you can trust him with absolutely anything. he knows even the darkest secrets you have. he jokes about them in front of everyone but never lets anyone know that they are about you. he's very good at keeping secrets and promises. he's the person you call when you have a problem, when your bored, when you want to party, or when you need that person who will listen. he'll listen for hours even if you call at 3 in the morning. if you ever got hurt, he'd be the one to call and would drive 200mph if he could to get to wear you are. he's amazing.
everyone needs a tanner in order be whole.
by bestfriend1212 December 07, 2011
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