One in the pink, three in the stink.
The index finger is seperated from the three other fingers, resembling a humpback whale's mouth. A great follow-up after the shocker.
The look on her face was priceless when I pulled the humpback.
by Hair-to-Shoulders June 5, 2005
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Humpback Whales, also known as “behemoths” or “beluga whales” are Endangered creatures whom are large, sensitive, and are known for lack of common sense. They often weigh around 300+ pounds. Their goal is to erase men off the planet. #saveouroceans
If you touch a Humpback Whale, this behemoth will consider it as rape.
by YaboiChria May 19, 2019
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While engaging in Doggy-style, the man grabs hold of his woman's wrists and pulls them back, rendering her helpless as her face is driven into the mattress. While the female is being submitted the male then yells profanities at her. (Note: also works with lesbians and a strap-on)
"Bro, Jason gave Jessica a Humpback Growler and she was hella-pissed..."
by Bartholomew Bulldozer April 15, 2010
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Noun - The fattest of the fat, non gender specific, reserved for only the truly grotesquely fat. Landspeed averages 15 fpm (footsteps per minute). Cankles are definitely present. The sheer amount of fat causes them to be permanently lurched forward cause a humpback like appearance.
Man look at that humpback beefalo!
by James Rabblestin November 23, 2005
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Having doggy style sex with a fat girl. Upon ejaculation, the male shall be referred to as Captain Ahab, and whichever one tells the story with more dignity shall be called Ishmael.
Greg: Dude I heard you banged a fat girl last night
Craig: Yeah dude, not one of my better nights
Greg: What position were y'all in
Craig: Doggy
Greg: Dude you have to stop doing the humpback whale
Craig: I also finished
Greg: Way to go Captain Ahab. Let me know if you see Ishmael again.
by Phil Bob February 18, 2014
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Usually in Florida, when a woman shaves her labia (A.K.A.: Coohie) at a NASCAR event or while driving, and her vulva accidentally bulges out making fart noise. (A.K.A.:Quefe)


When a man has an abscess on his penis, usually below the head.
Example sentence 1: Can't believe Mary got arrested because she got a Florida humpback midget at the Daytona 500.
Example sentence 2: I had asked John to take over the wheel while I was shaving when I looked down to see if that noise was because of a Fl humpback midget.
Example sentence 3: "When George got bit by that caterpillar on his wiener last July, it swole up and gave him a humpback midget!"
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