An essentially meaningless phrase that is only uttered by the most amazingly boring and uncreative people on the planet. A perennial favorite of high school seniors writing in yearbooks and desperate people filling out forms for online dating sites.
OMG, senior year was such a blast! Let's stay BFF's and live life to the fullest!
by jiangyingzi September 18, 2007
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Running away from your problems. Moving from place to place trying to find peace.
“How’s life lil bra.”
“Nothing much, been living life on the run lately.”
by _Di0r November 24, 2021
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Acronym that stands for Kindly Live Life.

Politely asking someone to YOLO cause you really do only live once, so just do it big.

To "live a little"
Person 1: I need to know how much the trip costs, because i have to pay rent.
Person 2: Bro! Kindly, Live Life (KLL)
by justlivin305 May 16, 2021
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Living your life is like...being alive. It's having fun, unique expiriences, its just doing Something to feel alive. (Not like drugs or alchohal)
Living Your Life:
-Sliding down your roof on a matress...

-Climbing a mountain....

-Visiting a new Country

-Trying a new food...

-Being Creative

-Crashing a wedding

-Starring at the stars and fireworks on your roof, at midnight on new years eve
by MidnightSunshine March 6, 2007
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v. To have a happy life without hard work, problems or worries.

Some scholars argue that this Riley (originally spelt "Reilly") referred to the character that appeared in a song written by Pat Rooney in 1890. In the song Riley says if he ever became the President of the US then "New York" would "swim in wine when the White House and Capitol are mine."
Some others argue that it was an American poet by the name of James Whitcomb Riley who gave rise to this idiom. Apparently, Riley (1849-1916) wrote sentimental poems about young boys, which were very popular during his time. The poems told the stories of young boys lazing around during the summer without a care in the world — wandering about barefoot, swimming in the river and fishing.
- He got to live the life of Reily after inheriting a huge amount of money.

- While John worked all day, Jack stayed home living the life of Riley.
by ohilovechocolate January 2, 2008
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To live your life is to say to do something, especially to get a job or do your work. Only your friends would mean it in a fun way. Life is a word people are scared and confused of which helps brands to make people buy their items by confusing them.
"Stop reading this and live your life!"
by Someone u may know August 21, 2017
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Going out and not giving a fuck what happends, jus as long as you get pretty shitty an hook up once or twice with someone of the opposite sex.
You know whats wrong with you, you need to live your life.
by spanish55 November 21, 2006
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