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girl 1:'' Omg he's so cute, he has that perfect jawline''
girl 2: ''I love guys with a good jawline''
by Jawline August 25, 2015
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The lower contour of a person's face. One of the hottest features on a guy.
Girl: That jawline is so sharp it could cut me omg.
by izy\ May 14, 2016
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THE line where the vhin forms that can be so SHARP u can cut me with it!!! i wish they would cut me with it!!!!
LIly: omg do u see his JAWLINE i just wanna ugh hes so hott
Amy: ikr 😍😍😍
Just like the DOLAN TWINS they have the BEST Jawlines ever!!!!
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by Dolans_Babygirl August 12, 2018
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