girl 1:'' Omg he's so cute, he has that perfect jawline''
girl 2: ''I love guys with a good jawline''
by Jawline July 27, 2015
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Really good looking, sharp jawline.
This line was used by Lady Gaga in American Horror Story Season 5: Hotel.
"Your boy has a jawline for days"
by thatweirdofromczech January 31, 2016
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A completely deformed jawline
shut up derek, you got a spastic jawline
by Jawlord January 30, 2017
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I think im going to join the Jawline Community
by rekap January 11, 2018
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when it looks like you have jizz on ur jawline.
Carter has a jizzle jawline because of last night.
by @twoProfessionalretards July 4, 2020
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