What the mighty emperor Zuckerberg will do to you if you run a meme account
What happened to your meme account:
It got Zucced:
Whats that mean?:
It got Deleted:
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He knows
by LordTouchMe April 18, 2018
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Man who could possibly be a lizard, or robot. Do not try to communicate with him, the act may be fatal.
by Catpurnia April 23, 2018
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The act of ZUCC being a actual reptilian human/robot trying to calculate the English language. You also have to drink water constantly to stay hydrated from all the toxic oxygen you're breathing.
Normal human: How to do you store all this data on your website.
Zucc: *Sips water*
by LeButtCheeks April 15, 2018
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Asking Mark Zuckerberg "give me the zucc" is so sussy it means that you're begging to suck his dick while a lizard's dick is so small and smelly, the results would be fatal - I DON'T RECOMMEND THAT.
by CumCollector69 November 14, 2021
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When you say give me the succ on facebook which summons the mighty god/robot/lizard Mark Zuckerburg ascends from his palace and gives you the succ for an hour
Chad: Hey Stacy give me the succ
by Sauce boi March 22, 2018
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