March 14 is when the best kind of people are born.They’re kind,loving and the most big hearted people out there.They see the best in everyone and want to help people as much as possible.
She gave that homeless man her lunch!
Oh its because she’s born on march 14.
by smjxx_. October 15, 2019
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If you are born on March 14 you are automatically attractive. You are also a Pisces which means your kind hearted and your good at nearly anything. You will not put up with bs and if you get hurt you will always find a way to get revenge.
“Bro have you heard Sienna’s born on March 14”
Ohhhh we better not mess with her”
by Sienna_Cristosis March 7, 2020
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National Pi day. This day was also the day Albert Einstein was born. As well as Stephen Hawking's death day. And to top it all off, this day is National Potato Chip Day. It's true, look it up.
I love March 14
by 1:38 October 18, 2018
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(N) The day that Krabs fries.
You know what day it is!! (Sorry about this calendar) March 14! Oh wait, that’s not right. It SHOULD say the DAY THAT KRABS FRIES.
by Abstract_Slawter June 23, 2020
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Day when the men who fucked up Valentine’s Day get a do-over at it.

Also known as April 14, May 14, June 14, July 14, August 14...however many chances they need to get it right
Brad fucked up Valentine’s, so he better use March 14 to make up for it.
by Miss Zoila Right February 15, 2019
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on march 14 between 12am-12am cassandra cooks dylan a hearty steak, while he is eating it she sucks on his hoss.
by jesus144556 March 4, 2012
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The day your girlfriend has to send you a cute photo of her smiling or soapy titty pics has to be one of them or else you have to break up
Dude it’s march 14th and my girl gave me soapy titty pics
by PorterIsASimp March 14, 2021
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