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Tanner is the guy anyone can find attractive , mainly because of his unique personality. Hes so sweet, tall, usually found to have brown or blonde hair and has a soft spot with certain people, but he also can get angry and upset easily so watch out. He can be a player at times but he wont if hes with the one he wants
Girl 1: who is that tall brunette guy? hes so nice!
Girl 2: oh him? thats Tanner
by ghostwriter12 July 13, 2018

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Carson is a player, all he mainly wants in a relationship is sex . But he can also be a caring person if needed, and a good friend. Hes very crazy and hard to control, he takes everything to the extreme. Better be careful tho, he can turn around and drop you real quick if you say something to offend him in any way or if you dont do what he says
Person 1: who is that boy running around?
Person 2: oh, thats Carson!
by ghostwriter12 July 13, 2018

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