After you've taken a shit and are ready to leave the bathroom, you are struck with a crucifixion of your internal organs causing you to shit a second time and repeat the pooping process over again.
"I was about to leave the bathroom when all the sudden The Second Coming took place upon my bowels."
by Backhand Blasphemy December 28, 2016
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Pebbledashing, explosive diarrhoea that follows a bog standard stool an hour or so earlier.
Huckle: That's the second time you've had a long loo break in the past hour, everything okay?
Berry: I just pebble dashed the coach house loo, must've been the late night vindaloo.

Huckle: Ah, the second coming...
by RandyRhoads84 May 15, 2020
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A term that could be used on one for a male sex partner or friend to get them unwanted attention. Only works on someone everyone seems to "know" as is known as a straight male who associates with both sexes, typically called a "king".
The Second Coming is a word that if spread to the people around the selected target makes them almost famous if they meet certain criterea
by UnrivaledEcstasy October 31, 2021
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When you burp up smoke after smoking
Rodney: *burps up smoke* “woah man, what just happened?”

Kurt: you just had a ~second coming~
by gillygoat December 13, 2019
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When you fuck a girl after you dip your dick in holy water once and then do it again so it's like a holy Second coming of Jesus.
Amit: Damn bro, I pulled The Second Coming of Jesus with Chloe last night.
Ashwin: Nice Bro!!!!
by Seraph151 January 6, 2019
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Look at the following Barrack Obama has. People gaze at him in awe. This must be the Second Coming of Christ.
by Indiana Greg February 25, 2009
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The “Great Awakening” among diehard Trumpists-QAnonists for their twice-impeached “political savior” and the “anointed one” to come back to free the country from the “Deep State” and to make America greater again—they couldn’t believe that President Biden is officially inaugurated, because they were expecting President Trump to declare martial law to remain in power for four more years.
With millions of hardcore supporters itching to hear from their ex-Twitterer-in-Chief directly, their only hope now is to keep the faith in Trump’s second coming, which might take place in 2024 or 2028, if he’s not barred from public office by Senate lawmakers.
by MathPlus January 21, 2021
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