"Gourmet" inmate meal, as shown to me by the lovely ladies at the Williamson County (TN) Jail, "recipe" is as follows..... 1 pkg ramen noodles and seasoning pack (preferably chili flavor)- crushed, 1 "$0.99" size bag of cheetos (preferably "japaleno")- crushed, 1/4 "meat stick"- cut into small pieces, 1 cheese stick- small pieces. Combine all ingredients in a commissary issued tumbler and shake to mix. Add enough hot water to cover and stir, pour into the cheeto bag and let sit for 5 minutes. Carefully open the bag at the seam, top with mayo or ranch packet and ENJOY!
"Hey girl, you got any Cheetos?"
"Yeah, what's up, you hungry?"
"Damn right, this county food is bullshit, let's make a spread"
by ms fin January 16, 2008
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1. A whole bunch of food spread out for everybody to have some, such as at a cookout, barbeque, family gathering etc.

2. Things you put onto toasted bread like butter, peanut butter, jam, etc. Or even things such as mayo and mustard to spread on bread for sandwiches

3. "Spread em!" Some shit a cop might say before he pats you down.

If already locked up, you might hear this from a cop so he can look at your butthole.

4. A term used in jails and prisons for food that is made by inmates combining all sorts of items bought from commissary.
Nice spread.
by ProfessorProcrastinate February 17, 2019
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The land which belongs to someone.
They had a 4 acre spread on the outskirts of "town" and a large gun collection. They were afraid of the government.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 November 21, 2010
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In competitive forensics, to spread is to speak very quickly, esp. in debate rounds.
Jeff: Could you understand what that debater was saying?
Diana: No, he was spreading too quickly.
by bitterspice May 30, 2005
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Someone attractive, a good looking person.
Elizabeth: damn, look at my boyfriend. He's my spread.

Evelyn: coo.
by big poppa, bitch. May 5, 2013
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A combination of ramen Noodles, chili cheese fritos, and hot cheetos, loved by all inmates of the adams county detention center in Adams County, CO.
Convict #1 You got any chili fritos?
Convict #2 Yeah
Convict Lets combine our shit to make a spread
by Beat Jackin December 5, 2007
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to go out a lot and spend a lot of money for drinks (usually cash).
- Hey man, keen for some drinks tonight?
- Yeah dude, let's spread!
by mahar December 29, 2011
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