a person that you enjoy ONLY sex with not to be confused with a fuck buddy or friend with benefits. you can be in a commited relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend and still have a sex partner or multiple sex partners. you just enjoy variety and want to engage in sex with other partners with the permission of your significant other.
i had such great sex last night with Andy. I thought Ray was your boyfriend, what happened? Ray is still my boyfriend, Andy is just a sex partner, no friendship and no romance just good fucking. I like variety and Ray understands he does the same thing and we still love each other.
by Susan Love August 8, 2006
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A person which you have only sex with
Guy 1-Have you seen Jakes with Tessa
Guy 2-Bro she’s my sex partner
by Rick&Morty Lover123 April 18, 2020
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That knows you from head to toe of your body and give you the best feeling that you never had in having sex with everyone you had been with through your life and it's great to find that in your life because everyone never gets to feel that and it's true because I have a partner that never felt that before and I was happy to be that person to make her dreams come true
She was the best blow i ever had and sex partner
by Wildbill695 November 4, 2020
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An unprotected sex partner is one who does not have a gun, or some other weapon when having sex.
Steve Allen only has male unprotected sex partners. He thinks women are icky.
by The Original Energizer Bunny August 31, 2008
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