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The harsh reality that hits an Applehead, Machead, iFool, or other Apple fan like a ton of bricks the moment he or she realizes that their iPod, iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer is not the crash-proof and bullet-proof wonder device that Steve Jobs and his overhyping media make it out to be.

This is usually brought on the very first time that a Mac computer freezes up, crashes, and needs to be restarted (usually causing the user to lose a lot of unsaved documents), or an iPod, iPhone, or iTunes software locks up or otherwise malfunctions.
Leaira: Did you hear what happened to Brittany?
Jordan: No, what happened to her?
Leaira: Well, she just experienced the Great Awakening.
Jordan: Oh really!? Her iPod quit working?
Leaira: It sure did! She picked it up and tried to listen to her music, and it just gave her an Apple logo and wouldn't do anything else. That's not all -- her MacBook froze up and crashed last week, and she can't get it to boot up anymore.
Jordan: Wow! That's too funny! So much for Crapple products being crash-proof and bullet-proof! What is she gonna do?
Leaira: She's had it with Steve Jobs, his lies, his media overhyping, and outragrous prices. She says she's going to take a sledgehammer to all her Crapple junk, throw it in the iGarbage can, and buy some good products.
Jordan: Oh, that's cool! What is she gonna get?
Leaira: She just bought a Windows 7 64-bit laptop the other day. She loves it! It works a lot better than her Macintrash ever did. And at half the price!
Jordan: Awesome! I think I'll get one too. What about her music player?
Leaira: We're going shopping today. She's just gonna get a basic MP3 player like mine. I love mine, and it only cost $50. It works directly with Windows with no iTunes or anything. I just drag and drop my MP3 files thru Windows. And it's a lot easier to use than her iPod ever was.
Jordan: That's awesome! Glad to hear she's finally kicking Crapple to the curb!
by Jordan_17 August 24, 2011
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