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The presidential candidate who fulfills the divine prophecy that he will become the next US President, in spite of all the odds against him.
Donald Trump proves that no man can thwart God's Sovereign Plan if He Decides to choose a far-from-perfect candidate to be the president of the world's most powerful nation.
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by MathPlus November 09, 2016

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a) A number that looks the same when rotated through an angle of 180 degrees.
b) The only number whose square and cube between them use all the digits 0 to 9: 69² = 4761 and 69³ = 328,509.
c) 69 = 1892 ÷ 473 + 65—the digits 1 to 9 appear on the right of the equation.
69 is the record number of children born to a Russian woman—she had 27 pregnancies all of which produced more than one baby: 16 pairs of twins (32), 7 sets of triplets (21), and 4 sets of quadruplets (16).
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by MathPlus February 04, 2017

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Singapore's "bar model method" is the problem-solving strategy, "Draw a diagram," attaining brand status.
The bar model method allows grades (or primary) 1–6 students to solve word problems that are traditionally set in middle or high school, without using algebra.
by MathPlus March 12, 2016

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A term used by American homeschoolers to refer to an alien math curriculum, which they have embraced to revolt against their locally published inch-deep, mile-wide textbooks.
Teachers in US schools are in arms with those who support Singapore Math, questioning whether it's just another shiny mathematical object from a faraway land; others reject it because it comes from an apparently "repressive regime" with near-zero political freedom.
by MathPlus June 24, 2016

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A Japanese math program offered in franchised Kumon centers that over-prepares students into drill-and-kill specialists.
As the McDonalds of math education, Kumon Math franchises assign worksheets to students from preschool to high school to practice thousands of math routines at their own pace.
by MathPlus June 13, 2016

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Dubbed a "symbol of the devil" by the Church—the idea of nothing was blasphemous for its doctrine—zero was the last number to gain citizenship (after 1, 2, …, 9) in the number system.
Zero has come a long way from its initial rejection and persecution to become the "most important" of all numbers today to attain its "Numbers Hero" status.
by MathPlus June 20, 2016

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The art of predicting one's future from the infinite "sacred" digits of the decimal number pi (which is 3.1415926…).
At a promotional $314.15, Piology Analytics Lab reveals that my cell phone number starts at position 308,627,971 in the infinite digits of pi, and my last winning lottery number is at position 703,816,421.
by MathPlus June 18, 2016

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