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The Chinese equivalent of “Who wants a Covaxin jab?” When China is aggressively involved in vaccine diplomacy, by donating millions of its home-made partially trialed and 50⁺% effective vaccines to poor or emerging countries, whose populations have mixed feelings about these WHO-unapproved shots—is China trying to redeem itself or to make up for its earlier lies and cover-ups for failing to alert the world of the pandemic?
When beggars can’t be choosers, even if the vaccines have got zero WHO approval, how dare millions of recipients worldwide cynically or skeptically ask: “Who wants a Sinovac shot?”
by MathPlus March 23, 2021
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When someone knows enough about the number π that they are unlikely to be taken advantage of by mathematical charlatans or cranks.
A premium tuition center is inviting Prof. Pilate to conduct a recreational math lesson on “The Joy (and Pain) of Pi” for its privileged students, so that they’d not only be numerate but also piterate.
by MathPlus September 7, 2021
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When there is an imbalance in opportunity between one math student and another—say, for instance, between a student born in Singapore and one born in Sudan; or one attending a neighborhood school and another one in an elite or private school—which can be reduced or eliminated by affirmative action policies or by government grants or subsidies.
Covid-19 has exposed the mathematical entropy between those who can afford to study from home and those without a computer or internet connection.
by MathPlus November 26, 2020
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When the number zero starts exhibiting its mean or ugly side, by being a “numerical troublemaker” to other numbers in an arithmetic operation.
Zero can really be a “numerical asshole” if it’s allowed to behave in a zeroist manner vis-à-vis fellow numerals, when they’re part of a mathematical operation like 1 ÷ 0, 0 ÷ 0, or 0⁰.
by MathPlus November 30, 2018
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When the mathematical proficiency or quantitative literacy of a country is linked to the location where its math curriculum was formulated—for example, both developed and developing countries that have adopted the Singapore math curriculum, or adapted part of it, have generally performed better than those that are reluctant to take the risks.
Just as the color of the cat doesn’t matter as long as it catches the mouse, so the geography of math shouldn’t be a big concern for parents and politicians if the local or foreign math curriculum could produce a quantitatively literate or numerate citizentry.
by MathPlus April 29, 2021
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The raison-d’être for mathematics, not its applications and oft-long-winded or tedious proofs—because there is no place in the universe for ugly math.
What is beauty in mathematics? Being awed by beautiful patterns? Experiencing the pleasure or aha! feeling that transcends sexual bliss? What the heck is it?
by MathPlus January 11, 2019
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When regularly contributing to Urban Dictionary could be an effective training ground to launching your creative writing career, because you are getting professional feedback for anything you think is funny or that would make lots of folks happy or angry—and the service is free and instant.
Unless you’re related to the editors or you’ve bribed them, it’s unlikely that you can get an entry approved if you’re a dull writer with a poor sense of humor or a puritan mindset. Why not hone your creative writing via Urban Dictionary? Why pay someone dearly to critique your writing when you’ve a team of first-rate volunteers-editors who would do it for you for free?
by MathPlus January 28, 2019
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