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When the Trump’s campaign team should stop playing the political game by defending their boss’s false claim of fraudulent electoral voting in states where he is trailing his opponent and start admitting that more than half of the electorate had voted to fire the Commander in Cheat or Pinocchio-in-Chief.
As more mail-in ballots in the key battleground states confirm the trend that Biden is outperforming Trump, it’s politically childish or selfish for Trump’s allies and his campaign team to give him the false hope that he’d still win the election via frivolous lawsuits, when they’d tell him off “to embrace math, exclude myth.”
by MathPlus November 07, 2020
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The use of emojis instead of letters or symbols in questions, equations, or expressions as an attempt to lure those who are not so symbol-minded to math.
An example of emoji math is to calculate the value of each item from the following pair of equations:
2 🍩 + ☕️ = $3.90
3 🍩 + 2 ☕️ = $6.60

Answer: 🍩 = $1.20, ☕️ = $1.50.
by MathPlus October 17, 2017
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Not just Donald Trump, but practically everyone who has ever achieved some degree of worldly success, is a charlatan—people improvise as they go along, hoping that luck and success would conspire to be on their side until they become somebody blessed with many friends (and fiends and foes).
The biographies of many successful people reveal that when faced with hit-and-hope situations, they can’t help but to bluff or fake their way through until they make it—an oft-unspoken common denominator among many rich and famous people is that everyone is a fake at some point, when they’re still a nobody.
by MathPlus September 05, 2018
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A question mark that has been straightened out by God, if you put your faith in Him for things you don’t understand—when you are in the valley where life seems unfair, yet you wait upon His grace and goodness to turn things around.
Whenever you find yourself in those dark places (breakup, betrayal, death, debt, divorce, hurt, job loss, sickness, …), know that God can turn your question marks into exclamation points.
by MathPlus December 30, 2018
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When exam-smart students have near-zero choice but to regurgitate the model solutions promoted by their teachers or tutors, because there is hardly any time for them to think through most brain-unfriendly questions if they want to score a decent grade, much less question the questions.
With so many topics to cover and so little time to master the concepts, teachers and parents have come to terms that the only way for students to minimize failure and to maximize success is to reluctantly embrace made-in-Singapore math.
by MathPlus November 04, 2020
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Short for “Make America Godly Again.” A mantra preached by a group of evangelical pastors, who had brainwashed diehard supporters of Trump, the “anointed one,” by proclaiming that there exists a parallel between Trump and Jesus, who have both come to deliver and save them—they need to stand up for Trump, who had selfishly used religious leaders as pawns and disinformation to incite an insurrection.
Evangelical leaders who risk losing (or have sold) their souls for grasping political power are preaching Trumpism or white supremacy under the flag of Christian nationalism—aren’t their preaching the political slogan MAGA, instead of the Magi, a stumbling block to millions of pre-believers of Christianity?
by MathPlus January 22, 2021
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Also known as “MAGA-in-Chief” to ex-president Trump’s hardcore white supporters, who believe that their “anointed” boss lost the election due to “fraudulent” black votes. A notorious title that was unprovenly conferred by both world and religious leaders, who breathed a sign of relief when the corrupt president was rejected and ejected from the White House, whom they also nicknamed as “Commander in Cheat.”
No US President or head of state has received so many titles other than North Korean dictator-and-murderer Kim Jong-un: Liar-in-Chief, Pinocchio-in-Chief, Fraudster-in-Chief, …, MAGA in Cheat, Insurrectionist-in-Chief, White Supremacist-in-Chief, to cite a few common ones.
by MathPlus July 17, 2021
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