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The land of military coups, with army generals protecting the aristocracy and the wealthy in Bangkok, when the rich and powerful feel threatened by political parties that support the farmers and villagers.
Thailand has the world's most number of temples, but it's usually its sex industry and beautiful beaches that attract budget-conscious tourists to this land of a thousand smiles.
by MathPlus August 23, 2017
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Who was Pi with? Mostly with e, and sometimes with i.

What did Pi do? Make other constants envious of her.

When did Pi do it? Around a quarter past three.

Where did Pi do it? In the least unexpected places.

Why did Pi do it? To prove why she is so popular.

How did Pi do it? By moving around in circles (and sometimes with needles).
On Pi Day, Mr. Pier, a high-school math teacher, was called up to the principal’s office to explain “The 5 Ws (and an H) of Pi” he SMSed to his fellow colleagues and students—the boss wanted to make sure that the math joke doesn’t carry any double meaning.
by MathPlus June 8, 2021
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When the quality of Singapore math textbooks and supplementary titles took a beating in the last one and a half decades, because both local and foreign math editors were reporting to their oft-clueless bosses, who were recruited under the Singapore-India “Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement” (CECA), many of whom with quasi-zero understanding of the Singapore educational system and the local educational publishing industry.
It’s hard to estimate the reputational and economic costs suffered by publishing houses in the aftermath of the Cecanization of Singapore Math: resignation of editors, frustration of authors, rejection of textbooks, brand dilution, and the like.
by MathPlus July 31, 2021
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Count, Count, Count—the evil mantra of the liberals or socialists, which translates into the fact that the more they count the votes, the more there are more votes for Biden than Trump, which is a fraud.
President Trump’s morally bankrupt entourage are singing along the political hymn he wants to hear, which blames the fake news media for brainwashing the electorate with the C-word.
by MathPlus November 7, 2020
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When some Trumpists-turned-QAnonists still stranded on the volcanic island of Mauritius—who needed to concoct a half-believe story to gain public attention so that they could fly back home—told the locals that they spotted a big bird that resembled the flightless dodo in the middle of the night, when the country was still on lockdown, thus raising the infinitesimal hope that the Mauritian bird, thought extinct, is far from dead.
That “the dodo is alive!” sounds like a modern version of the biblical story of Jesus’ raising Lazarus, who had already been in the tomb for four days, from the dead—even if the big bird is long dead, who says that it can’t miraculously be resurrected?
by MathPlus December 13, 2020
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Hearing: Your ears can listen to the musical digits of the seemingly random pattern of the decimal number π as they are being recited.

Smell: Your nose can scent the fragrance or sweet aroma of the digits of the transcendental number π.

Sight: Your mind’s eye can see at a glance the entire beautiful landscape of the real number π.

Taste: Your tongue can savor the different flavors of the digits of the sacred number π.

Touch: Your skin can feel the different sensations of the digits of the normal number π, when it is truncated to a certain number of significant figures.
Guesstimate how many autistic people or idiot savants around the world could experience at least one of the five senses of pi.
by MathPlus September 19, 2021
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FEAR of not understanding the new math concepts.

FRUSTRATION in struggling to make sense of the concepts.

FATIGUE from mental stress and emotional pain in grasping the concepts.

FAILURE in mastering and applying the concepts.
Winners have not only banned the four-letter F-word from their vocabulary when faced with the most disliked school subject, but they have also refused to let the four “F” words in math rent a space in their minds.
by MathPlus January 7, 2018
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