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The correct—and politically incorrect—term for "life insurance"—a financial return that your loved ones probably or eagerly look forward to, thanks to your kind generosity.
Death insurance is a low-risk, low-return investment, which may be apt for those with a low financial quotient (FQ)—who have no time or guts to seek better investment returns other than parking their money with banks and insurance companies.
by MathPlus September 08, 2016

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A special triangle whose geometric property—one with a right angle—has yielded dozens of non-obvious theorems and hundreds of trick geometry questions to trap the unwary.
Students tend to incorrectly extrapolate geometric results that only apply to right triangles to any triangles.
by MathPlus September 06, 2016

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A label that used to automatically trigger a potential customer to put away the product due to its inferior quality, but this is no longer the case, since branded goods and technology companies started moving their production plants to China.
Made in China products are no longer shunned, as customers worldwide come to realize geography doesn't determine the quality of a product.
by MathPlus September 03, 2016

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Someone who is more likely to lie in a foreign country rather than at home.
Terry is just a supervisor working for a manufacturing company; however, when he is overseas, he sounds as if he is the CEO in charge of a thousand-odd workers—he is an offshore liar, to say the least.
by MathPlus August 08, 2016

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The mantra in business and creativity workshops that you need to fail often to succeed sooner—fail fast and fail well.
Self-help books are high on the gospel of fail success—failure may turn out to be a better teacher than success in reaching your goal.
by MathPlus July 27, 2016

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The mathematical equivalent of illiteracy. The failure to manipulate numbers in real life: unable to do simple calculation with fractions, ratios, and percents.
Innumeracy is bad for society: innumerate people are the prime target of unscrupulous salespersons and marketeers.
by MathPlus July 25, 2016

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The mathematical equivalent of experiencing an orgasm—usually experienced when one proves a conjecture, or solves a vintage problem in a creative way.
The aha! feeling takes place when the mind is far from its analytical state—when one is doing some boring tasks like walking the dog, watering the plants, or washing the window panes.
by MathPlus July 25, 2016

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