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With an unusual name like Ashwin, this dude knows where it's at.

He knows a little bit of everything and is someone just different from everyone else.

Ashwin is the one you ask for an opinion. His insight is so on the money, it's frightening.

He cuts right to the heart of any situation and gets it done like no one else can.

Ashwin has nerves of steel and is a true genius picaro.
"Let Ashwin do it. Watch how Ashwin does it. Do it like Ashwin."
by Joe Napier March 24, 2018
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A handsome guy who is a great friend to everyone. This guy is street smart and book smart, he's extremely kind, trustworthy, and reliable, Ashwin's tend to make amazing friends and boyfriends.
Ashwin is chill af
by Alysssssaaaaas January 03, 2019
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a fucking legend. With a name like Ashwin, he is a king among men. If you ever see someone named Ashwin, run.
"omg is that ashwin? AGHAHHHHHGHG"
by SkillLimit December 02, 2020
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Ashwin is a sexy amazing, smart, macho, god. he is a great freind. He is charasimatic and can do anything to anyone without consequences. You dont want to get on the wrong side of him. If you find a ashwin dont let him go. Stay friends with him your whole life. Everyone loves an ashwin.
OMFG. He is such an ashwin. *faints*
by Savag3Panda3 September 10, 2018
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The most egotistical person in the world who loves himself more than anyone else in the world
Probably the most flirty person in the world and also one of the best friends in the world .
Everybody loves him and he somehow maintains his relationships and his flirting and is extremely loyal

Someone of immense intellect and great potential to succeed in the world and he uses his good natured attitude and wit to get him out of a stick situation

By far one of the most proficient lover in the world and the man to look for for relationship advice
Look at that Ashwin hitting on all those hot girls
by nthmental August 28, 2013
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The type of guy you can have as a close friend. He is hot, funny and the best at everything he does.
He is cool with everything and also at times, does extreme dares.
He may not talk a lot but then again no one plans a murder out loud.
He understands all jokes though at times he may be the butt of them.
He is hella thicc and with his glasses and silky hair, you just can't resist
The kind of guy that chicks dig into. Girls consider him a rare piece
Guy 1: Man this guy in our class started smoking weed right when our professor was teaching.
Guy 2: Dude what an Ashwin!!!

Girl 1: I started chatting with this new guy. I really think he is an Ashwin.
Girl 2: Sigh how lucky...I wish i could meet an Ashwin.
by niggasbekillinit November 20, 2018
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