A handsome guy who is a great friend to everyone. This guy is street smart and book smart, he's extremely kind, trustworthy, and reliable, Ashwin's tend to make amazing friends and boyfriends.
Ashwin is chill af
by Alysssssaaaaas January 3, 2019
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Ashwin is a sexy amazing, smart, macho, god. he is a great freind. He is charasimatic and can do anything to anyone without consequences. You dont want to get on the wrong side of him. If you find a ashwin dont let him go. Stay friends with him your whole life. Everyone loves an ashwin.
OMFG. He is such an ashwin. *faints*
by Savag3Panda3 September 10, 2018
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Ashwin is a total gem. He is always there for you and will always catch you when you fall. To the vast majority of people he may seem like a total rock but he is a total softie. Finds any excuse to chirpse!!! He tries to be a roadman even though he is really a gentleman at heart (better that way). He is a clumsy soul, and often finds himself knocking things over and spilling things - but he makes up for his two left feet with his winning smile. He is good at dates and will treat you right. Easy to fall for. However, one thing to rememeber with ashwin is that YOU MUST TAKE CAUTION BECAUSE HE IS A VAMPIRE and will take any opportunity to suck on your neck.
Ashwin the one who will always be there
by no1asia August 20, 2018
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The type of guy you can have as a close friend. He is hot, funny and the best at everything he does.
He is cool with everything and also at times, does extreme dares.
He may not talk a lot but then again no one plans a murder out loud.
He understands all jokes though at times he may be the butt of them.
He is hella thicc and with his glasses and silky hair, you just can't resist
The kind of guy that chicks dig into. Girls consider him a rare piece
Guy 1: Man this guy in our class started smoking weed right when our professor was teaching.
Guy 2: Dude what an Ashwin!!!

Girl 1: I started chatting with this new guy. I really think he is an Ashwin.
Girl 2: Sigh how lucky...I wish i could meet an Ashwin.
by niggasbekillinit November 20, 2018
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a fucking legend. With a name like Ashwin, he is a king among men. If you ever see someone named Ashwin, run.
"omg is that ashwin? AGHAHHHHHGHG"
by SkillLimit December 2, 2020
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Very nice great good looking individual, he’s VERY hard working and most likely loaded. Girls desire him, guys wanna be him. Very kind and responsible with a heart of gold but doesn’t have very much patience with elderly/old people. He’s very affectionate with his romantic partner and loves spending time with them. Ashwin’s are usually travelers, they don’t like traveling within the U.S. if you meet a man who loves traveling overseas and abroad and if you meet a man that craves adventure and thrill, Ashwin is the way to go
Megan- my husbands name is ashwin and he took me to Mykonos for our 30 year anniversary

Angie- now THATS an ashwin
by Alysssssaaaaas December 12, 2020
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Verb- to dig a hole to china and smack someone in the face and start a world war.

Noun- Cool indian who is awesome and sweet. He will always be there for his friends and family and will protect you from anything. He would never let anything bad happen to you. Clever and mischievous and likes a bit of trouble. Calm in tough situations. Smart, athletic, good looking, and the one friend that can always make you laugh. Compassionate lover and a really good mate.

Verb 2 - to bitch slap someone

Noun 2 - a type of gun that can do anything you desire.
Bro, i just got an Ashwin 23! Or. He just started an Ashwin! Ruuuuunnnn!
by JerryIsRight December 21, 2014
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