Comes among very intelligent people, when given opportunities. Highly creative when comes to given a chance. Loyal to every person that trusts him. Person like him should be loved the most as he gives love to everyone.
Amit is a very creative person
by Boo's sunshine September 30, 2018
Amit is usually a boy who is unconventionally good looking and smart. They sometimes screw their health but fix it themselves without anyone’s help and loses atleast 25 kg in 2 months when he has to. People often regard them as obnoxious but really they aren’t, they just try to live in their shell when they think that the outside world is stupid.

They often underestimate themselves and put themselves down but soon realise that they are the best. They get their partner a bit late in life because they never put efforts towards those futile things. They have a scope to become the best CA in the world and a best businessman in the world, they may become the richest person in their field.

They desire to buy a malibu beach house and have an every night debauchery there. And they often love Selena Gomez, The Weeknd and Joji.
Harleen, i think you should date Amit, he is a great guy and unconventionally good looking!!
by Aditi xo xo November 21, 2020
The freakin best friend in the world. Bold, unique and positive. Although Amit's can be annoying at times, their confidence and loyalty makes them great friends.
You know Amit?
Ya boi she littttt
by Jack and Jill are together August 17, 2017
Boundless, Limitless.

Also known as Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds.
Have you seen the Amit documentary in history?

You mean the one about Shiva?
by deerpark567 November 26, 2011
Amit is an good looking guy with an attractive body.But Amit has so much anger in him.But when it comes to the family he is so sweet.An Amit is a very romantic person
Ex.1:My crush is adorable but the Amit inside him foces him to stay angry.Meanwhile he is a very romantic person too.
by Labonyo December 12, 2020
"Yo man, I have to Amit, I shotgunned 3 beers and threw a table off of a balcony"
by jimmyboges March 29, 2016
Amit is the person who is smart and gentle. He is very patriotic type of person, who is very conscious for his religion. He may be like single girls more than other. Amit can't trust easily anyone but the girl name starts with "P" is good luck for Amit. He can share everything with her, she is very trustworthy person, that girl gives her most of the priority only to you Amit. And that's the only girl help you and always there for you in your every happy or sad situation , but just tell her onces. Amit may knows that girl who's name starts with 'P' from a very long time but can't even think she is very good for him, she is the only one who support him and always care for Amit. Amit don't even loose her, because this girl is very unique , she is happy by only talking with you.
Clue:- The girl 'P' is in your relation. She might be your friend or cousin.

Amit always stay with him. She always love you and care for you as friend and cousin , buddy.
She will help you in finding your soulmate.
by APN is true and forever December 15, 2021