He has a bad temper, you never want to mess with him or anyone he loves.
He doesn't really talk about his feelings, but when he needs to he has a special someone

that he can confide in. He's a guy that loves with all his heart and isn't afraid to let
other people know about who he loves. He is strong willed and passionate,

he likes to talk and be the center of attention. Rodneys are amazing people

who will go to the ends of the earth for someone else and don't usually expect anything in

return. He's a sweet and sensitive guy, but covers that up with his strong physicality
and mentality.
Q:' Who's that guy?'
A: 'It's Rodney, of course'
by Poppet917 November 6, 2013
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Rodney’s are very great people. Rodney’s have A very defined personality. They are athletic and physically tough. They have the strongest deepest love you’ll ever find in a man. They will do anything for their girl. Rodney’s are easy to fall in love with because of their sweet, dedicated heart. When you’re around a Rodney you will feel so loved. Most importantly, you can always trust them. They never break trust. Just like love, they find trust very much important. If you have a Rodney never let that boy go. They are the most loving, caring, dependable person you can ever have in your life.
My sweet husband Rodney made me breakfast this morning and brought it into the room to wake me up

“I love my boyfriend Rodney”

“Man, Rodney is the best thing to happen to me🥰”
by Hanggkdidoy July 19, 2019
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YOOO! My name's Rodney a.k.a "RodKingX".If your a Rodney and your'e out there, just know you are the best thing that happened in the world. Don't let others dummies tell you otherwise.

STAY COOL,BRUH!!!!!!!!!!!
Rodney is a the fuckin' best thing thats ever happen to me.
The nigga gave me ten dollars for free. BEST THING EVER.

spoken by NI
by RodKingX March 21, 2021
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Rodney will always be known as someones First true love
A Rodney is the perfect person to be your first and will always have a piece of your heart.
Rodney will always be your First true love
by Georgeyposs August 8, 2019
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The finest person in the whole world. Defender of the poor. Will love you when you are weak. Gift giver.
What's that fine guy's name? Rodney 1st in command!
by J'loo March 14, 2017
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Rodney is a good looking young man that is super intelligent with an intense charismatic personality that draws people to him.

Rodney is quiet most of the time and very vocal the rest of the time! He's got a real of tha wall sense of humor but the truth is he's got one of the most genuine smiles in the entire world!

Rodney is very picky when it comes to the ladies that he dates and with whom he chooses to be partnered up with! He has the type of good looks that are considered rugged yet he also looks like he could be a librarian.

He's a tech nerd with the skills of the CEO of a fortune 500 company! He's a die hard friend that sticks to his partna's like glue.

People respect Rodney bc he demands respect in the way he carries himself throughout any given day. He loves to read and he likes to reminisce over the magazines he's collected over the years!

If you have Rodney as a best bud then you know he's your best bud for life! Rodney will blindly have your back bc he knows how crucial loyalty is between neighbors.

Rodney also has one of the most infectious laughs that I've ever heard so whenever I hear Rodney laugh, I know his face is also lit up with a very nice, shiny smile!

Rodney is one of those kind of people that you automatically want to keep when you meet him!
He's DEFINITELY a keeper, so when you are blessed with a Rodney, don't ever let him go!
Rodney smiled wickedly to himself, keeping the joke to himself bc if he hadn't, the teacher was going to take immediate action!
by cheLLe1963 April 30, 2021
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Someone that you will fall head over heals for. It will take you months to let him go. he makes every girl he's with feel like a princess. His charm will get him wrapped around your heart. He plays hard to get & puts on a 'tough guy' front. even though he really cares deep down. he's a momma's boy. someone who will always run to his mom when he has problems. but all around a person you will want to be with for the rest of your life. just hard to talk to.
'Man I love me some rodney'
by Bubbiez August 10, 2015
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